Episode 141113

A lucid dream.

This afternoon I had a lucid dream. I was standing on the balcony which looks over to the beach when a huge tidal wave came crashing down on my head. I was going to die, I thought but then, another thought cut in. “This is only a dream. Just open your eyes and you’ll be fine”, it repeated over and over again. Somehow, in my mind I knew that I was in a dream; nevertheless, I ignored my brain’s advice and kept staying in the dream which could have me killed (well, my dream self to be exact). As a result, the wave flooded the whole space, drowning me. For a while, I truly experienced the dreadful sensation of being drowned in a sea of water. That was a little too much and I finally decided I should get out of the dream before death truly came.

Really anticipated to the airing of [The Full Moon Sabre]. It was a rare work of Gulong that doesn’t seem to have any hints of BL. Up until the current chapter, Ding Peng doesn’t have a lot of interactions with other male characters which could indicate any BL hints. Rather, his interactions with the females are rather interesting. When I thought Chu Liu Xiang and Lu Xiao Feng, especially Chu, are the most ‘Casanova’ men, surprisingly Ding Peng beats both of them. Well, inviting 50 women (prostitutes included) to join his party and later, declaring he wants to get them to his bed do require a certain level of caliber. Interesting, unlike Chu and Lu who are both bachelors, Ding Peng is already married and his wife Qing Qing shows not the slightest hint of jealousy. She even arranges for her maid to sleep with him if that helps vanquish all the drug’s effects on her husband. And if the same thing happened to her, he would let her do the same. Without doubts and jealousy. What an unconventional and intriguing couple! I find myself adore and sort of admire their relationship.

Ding Peng is a rare example who has little ‘vagabond’ blood. Unlike Chu, Lu, Ye Kai and even Li Xun Huan who like to travel around and don’t really want to root at any place (or with any women), Ding Peng’s kind of a family man. First he settles down with Qing Qing and then sets to gain fame and reputation. Moreover, he flirts with other women but stays faithful to his wife. A good husband girls may wish for.

Found this picture of A Gu on baidu. A Gu’s a Kunlun slave who stays by Ding Peng’s side like a huge, loyal Tibetan mastiff. It says that there’re only 2 things in the world A Gu can’t do: talking (because he’s tongueless) and giving birth (because he’s a male); everything else he can do just fine.


Oppa A Gu Style (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

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