Episode 071113


Those slashes on my forearm remind me that there’s a really wild and nasty cat lurking inside of me. She is perhaps the representation of my id, childish and attention-whoring, selfish and envious, uncaring and sadistic. Yes, sadistic. She finds joy and pleasure in wounding her container, namely me. She won’t hesitate to hurt me when the chance comes and what makes matter worse is that I allow her to. So, I have a streak of masochism huh?

Spending a gloomy day with a hot cup of tea and Turning Point 2, sequel to the TV series Lives of Omission. To tell the truth, I haven’t finished the series and I originally wanted to save the movie to watch later. But the movie just looks so tempting and today happened to set the right mood. Officially Laughing is the (undercover) cop with the shitties luck ever! I haven’t watched Turning Point 1 and know little about his fate but from the synopsis online it seems he lost his girlfriend thanks to working as an undercover in the triad. In E.U, his cover got blown off and he sacrificed his life (in other word, got killed by the triad leader) to save a novice. His body was never found. And then, in Lives of Omission, he got backstabbed by Michael, whom he trusted. His girlfriend got killed by Michael and he himself got a life sentence for killing Michael (Michael is truly his nemesis). Too bad eh? Especially when Laughing and Michael have such flaring chemistry. Fangirl mode: on. They (at least at the beginning) bear some similarities to Ye Kai and Fu Hong Xue; Michael’s a cripple, cold, aloof and once betrayed by the woman he loves. As the series progresses, he seems to be awfully alike to Black Panther from Gulong’s rare modern novel, cold on the outside, calculative, manipulative to point of playing dirty on the inside. I bet TVB producers must have noticed the potential of BL fandom and fangirls since they left plenty of hints in the series, even changing the original script from Michael getting killed by his girlfriend to Michael getting shot by Laughing, making it like a tragic love tale quite common in BL (in fangirls’ eyes it is).

Well, I have strayed a little far from the original point. Must get back. Just when I thought Laughing’s luck couldn’t get any shittier, TVB producers prove me wrong with Turning Point 2. This movie is not about fighting any triads anymore; it introduces to viewers a maniac who thinks he can demolish the current government, build a new one (ruled by him) and thus, make a better world  -_-. Self-righteous delusional man with his hypnotized fans/ minions. Laughing’s shitty luck brought him to this man, who had his boss (the only one who could prove Laughing’s an undercover rather than a criminal) assassinated and manipulated him into breaking out from the prison. Laughing’s status fell from a life-prisoner to a wanted life prisoner who got hunted by both cops and that maniac’s henchmen 囧rz. Did he succeed in stopping that man and get a happy ending? Like his shitty luck would allow that.

The movie’s depressing ending left me wonder whether it is worthy to sacrifice everything dear to oneself in order to pursue one’s own belief in justice like Laughing. Sounds a lot like Kiritsugu’s issues {(-_-)}. Well, at least there’s one hopeful spot for LaughingxMichael fangirls such as myself: it turns out Laughing couldn’t bear to kill Michael; whether it’s because his cop mind forbids him to kill for revenge or he still considers Michael a friend is up to fans to decide; however, it’s obviously whatever Laughing has in his mind regarding Michael has triumphed over his hatred for the man. What are you waiting fangirls? Pick up your pens already.

It’d have been better if at the end credits, they had played “Walking Alone”- Lives of Omission Opening song sung by Michael Tse (Laughing) because the lyrics suits just fine with the theme of this movie.

LaughingxJodie, MichaelxParis, ok It get it. What about the ‘couple’ at the top right ??

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