A Glass Surface

Source: http://blog.iresq.com
Source: http://blog.iresq.com

What separates it from me is only a thin glass surface.

Through the glass surface it watches me.

It begins to watch me when I wake up from anxious dreams. It watches me when I’m taking a bath. It watches me when I’m making love to my lover. It watches me when I’m dreaming.

It watches me laugh and cry.

It watches me live.

With green eyes of hatred and envy.

Because I have a life and it doesn’t. Thus, it yearns for mine and wouldn’t hesitate to take it…

… provided that there wasn’t the glass surface.

What protects me from it is only a thin glass surface.

So easily destroyed.

Every night I toss and turn on my bed, fearing that the glass surface may be gone when I wake up tomorrow. Even when I finally get to sleep, I’m troubled with nightmares.

My worst nightmare turns into a reality.

One day, I wake up to witness its hateful glares have turned into a devious smirk. Without my notice, a small crack has appeared in the glass surface.

From its gaping hole of a mouth I read its message.


Sleep doesn’t visit me that night.

… nor the following nights.

The crack begins to transform into a spider web.

This is its spider web and I’m its prey.

A prey it has been waiting too long to devour.

I can feel its delicate threads weaving round me, slowly squeezing me.

A butterfly may struggle in the spider’s web for all it wants; however, it will eventually get eaten by the spider.

It is already decided.

But I’m not a butterfly and never will I accept such fate.

… not without a fight.

I have make my bravest decision.

I’m safe by the glass surface. So is my life-long fear.

Enough is enough!

To face it, first I have to break down my only shield.


The glass surface is there. The spider web is gone.

I am still here. It is gone.

Did the spider decide to pardon its covetous prey?


Realization strikes me as I suddenly recall its message.

When I look at the glass surface, I see its devious smirk in my own reflection.

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