Episode 141013

Dreams are endless inspiration.

I don’t know whether it’s because I have a rather good imagination or because I get troubles breathing while sleeping that I dream a lot (and wake up with fast, heavy breathings). Many of my dreams aren’t pleasant at all; they often include conflicts, fights, sometimes murders and rapes (>人<;). But I have to admit that they serve as an extremely rich source for inspiration (if I try to create horror stories).

This time, I played a little and very pretty girl (loli (≧∇≦)). There was some kind of magical tournament going in which magi/masters compete against each other using their familiars. The familiars could be spirits, monsters or even mutants (it gets pretty messed up). Sounds like Fate series or Ayakashi Ghost Guild. I didn’t know how a master and a familiar got paired, probably through summoning; when I was there, I already got a master. Yep, this loli I played was a familiar and her master is a young man (no memory of whether he was good-looking or not). All pairs were put into a large building, probably an institution and had to eliminate each others. So, the loli’s master and her took place on the highest floor of the building. Surprisingly, there was a normal person there. He knew nothing about the fight and was there for taking photos. From this height, he could clearly see the ocean. Mesmerized by the ocean’s beauty, the loli took out an…. iPhone and was about to take some photos (her master completely forgotten (¬_¬).l when another pair attacked. The loli calmly gave her iPhone to the young man and asked him to keep it for her while she was engaging in battle. Guess what her super ability was. In an instance, the loli turned into a ferocious looking monster, which caused huge shock to the young man and even her master (what, as her master, how come you didn’t know her ability, lame!). She didn’t win but she drove the enemy away. This was when the drama began. When she asked to take back her phone, the young man shouted something like “monster” (cliche). The master said the same thing (again, where had you been, master? Another planet?). What startled me was the loli was shocked and really hurt. She stepped back, tears in her big loli eyes, and shouted something like “you’re just like others” (another cliche line). But what made this whole cliche thing stayed in my head was how real her tears felt to me. It was as if I was the one crying rather than just playing her. I guess a bit of her emotions got to me.

From then, the loli started engaging battles on her own (lame master is lame{(-_-)}). What made me wonder was that her monstrous form wasn’t her only ability; she had pyrokinetic one as well. She could have used it instead of turning into a monster (and scared the shit outta them (。-_-。). Oh well, that was her decision after all.

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