Phantom Pain

credit: John Colapinto

It started with my left elbow, a pain of unknown origin. Quickly it spread to my entire left arm, rendering it unable to perform the simplest task. With every day passed the pain grew intense and intense, until all I had in my mind was amputation.

You must be asking why I didn’t go and see a doctor before resorting to such extreme method. I had already, but to no avail. No medical devices, despite how advanced, had been able to diagnose the source of the pain. The bones were fine, the muscles perfect and the skin had not a single scratch. Where had it come from?

Bitter loss I experienced with a tremendous sense of relief as I placed my arm under the sharp, ragged tongue of the mechanic saw. However, my days of peace didn’t last long. Soon, the pain returned and rooted in my left and then, my right leg. As it came back to me, it grew ten-fold in intensity.

I could clearly feel my sanity was being sapped away real fast.

The pain was a persistent parasite and I, its host.

“Let’s see who’ll win this match.” was my final thought when I laid down on the ground.

A sound echoed from distance. A train was coming.

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