Episode 070913

Yesterday was my birthday (and surprisingly, VTV’s birthday). Aside from a little celebration with flowers and cake, nothing special. I spent the day reading Chu Liu Xiang BL fanfiction (this one ships Chu Liu Xiang with his friend-turn-foe in the first book, “Fragrance in the sea of blood”, WuHua). Excuse me for rambling a little bit about WuHua (無花). This WuHua’s different from the WuHua in the book; he possesses all book WuHua’s beauty (let’s say WuHua’s a great beauty in Gulong’s universe), martial arts and talents (which makes him a rather impeccable uke) but he inherits none of book WuHua’s ruthlessness and murderous intents. Thanks to that, he and Chu Liu Xiang become friends and later, lovers (typical BL). Since this one’s pretty long, I couldn’t finish them in a few days and yesterday, I stopped at the part in which WuHua’s willing to submit himself to Yun (The Bat Prince who shares a lot of similarities with…. Batman in the fifth book) to investigate Yun’s organization from the inside.

……… Which was why I got up unusually early today and started writing my diary entry at 6:00. I had a really funny dream which I had to write down or it’d be a waste.

The first part was pretty vague and I only remembered I had to go to school (which school anyway(´・_・`). I met a few friends and we went around the school for whatever purpose I couldn’t tell. Then we came across a classroom with many junior students (btw, we were seniors and much older) making great noise. I told them to stop and somehow later, we got a small auction which attracted even the teachers (@_@). The things sold were just normal, cheap things…….until the last one. Guess what it was. It was….. WuHua ((((;゚Д゚))))))). Funny that the first one to bid was the teacher. He was busy writing some formulas on the board until he lifted his head and saw WuHua standing in front of him, looking indifferent. He made a joke about WuHua could make a pretty little wife 囧rz (a common joke since WuHua’s easily mistaken for a girl) and started the first bid. Only 1$. It was funny that almost no one was interested in buying WuHua and that caused him to get furious(;゜0゜). He stomped to our table and threatened to…….. ahem, castrate Chu if Chu didn’t show up and make a high bid (WuHua’s an ojou-typed uke ( ̄Д ̄)ノ). All of sudden, the auction got heated and everyone wanted to possess WuHua. Some even brought out gold. Chu didn’t show up (−_−;)as he got his nose stuck in some business. Guess who appeared in the end? Yun and his minions did. You think he’d just make the highest bid and take WuHua away? Nah. He’s the Bat Prince and he never does things conventionally. To put it short, he threatened other bidders and simply took WuHua (−_−;). Who dared oppose him? Not us. We tried to reach Chu but failed miserably and thus, we helplessly watched WuHua being taken away. Chu did show up in the end, on a…….wheelchair and he told us he had been ambushed. It was too late anyway.

Without getting to know whether WuHua could escape Yun’s hand or Chu’d get his ‘punishment’, I woke up. A shame, indeed.

Sometimes I really have to wonder if my unconsciousness’s messages are too complicated to understand or I’m just seriously wrong in the head (; ̄ェ ̄).


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