Episode 150813

Hisogi. His name was Hisogi. And he was a cat. A pretty cat. But most importantly, he was my dream boyfriend.

Boyfriend again. Do I wish to have boyfriends so much that my dreams have to fulfill my ‘desire’? I thought I was better than that (−_−;). Years ago I had a memorable dream. I was Aoshi’s wife/girlfriend/ mate etc. and my Aoshi had to go to war. So, like a movie, we bid farewell to each other, said a few words that I later doubted if I’d ever said. The sad part was…..no kissing (¬_¬). I personally believe such situations call for a kiss, a passionate one. Still, I was denied of my rightful rights. Ha, many thanks, dream.

Once I dreamed about having N as my boyfriend (¬_¬). N wasn’t exactly my favorite in TnC series; I personally hoped for Shiki (¬_¬). But I guessed he was Ok, definitely better than Keisuke, Rin or Motomi (for me). This time, there was a kiss, French kiss (an evolution, eh (OvO). More detailed than I’d hoped it would be. As a result, I couldn’t recall anything from that dream beside the kiss.

And this afternoon I dreamed about having a cat as my boyfriend (¬_¬). Hisogi was very nice actually and he could occasionally turn to his human form which, unfortunately, I had only a vague memory. Anyway, he was cute, like an uke from some BL (I often prefer seme to uke, yet my dream gave me an uke (¬_¬).). Protecting my dear boyfriend was a pain in the neck. He seemed to have a tendency to wander off into some corners that made it very hard to look for. Once I mistook another cat for him and I got myself a scratch. Cats…..囧rz. It didn’t help when we were attacked by zombie-looking people. Time for zombie slaying ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆. Choose your weapons! Swords? Knives? Axes? When were we? Medieval Age? Guns? Nah. Too old school. Flame throwers? Grenades? Atom bombs? Couldn’t afford them. I slayed zombies with threads. Yep, silver threads. With my fingers I controlled them and the threads binded the zombies. I took a very brief moment to admire my handy work before slicing them to bits ψ(`∇´)ψ. Take that zombies.

You must be proud of your girlfriend, Hisogi.

Slaying zombies like a boss!

4 thoughts on “Episode 150813

    1. Hức hức, chị thích chó hơn mèo TTATT, không biết vì sao lại mơ ra mèo. Mà nói đến mèo thì chị thích cọp, sư tử, báo.. hơn.

      Hức, chị quên 1 đoạn, chị bị ông Freud nhìn chằm chằm, hỏi chị có đọc mấy lý thuyết của ổng chưa, đọc rồi thì trả bài đi TTATT


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