Episode 110813

“A hero never sheds tears. Zhou Dong Lai does. He’s no hero; he’s only a villain.”

He cried for his friend, his brother, his lover, all in one man. And I cried with him. It wasn’t the first time I watched these videos though; I’ve watched them like, a dozen times. And even if I felt sorry for him, for his fate and his love, it wasn’t enough to draw my tears; I’ve been told I’m a cold-blooded after all. But this time, I wet my cheeks with tears. Like Zhou did, I wiped away my tears on my own and went to sleep.

And sleep I did, like a bear in hibernation. And I dreamed, dreamed about my defence. When I woke up, headache, fatigue and a terrible cold were what greeted me. Best friends I call them, though I hate them as much as they hate me.

People say, forgive but not forget. But what’s the meaning in forgiving when you always keep that in the back of your head. And when that same person hurts you again, you’re unconsciously reminded of his or her previous mistake(s). I believe forgetting is the best way of forgiving. For you and them.

But it’s always easier said than done. Especially when we’re unfortunate to be cursed with forgetting what we want to remember and keeping (surprisingly good) memory of what we want to forget.

It’s raining and I feel sleepy yet again.

It’s a ‘V’ :)))

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