Murder Dreams

For some unknown reasons, I often encounter murder dreams.

Sometimes I dream about chopping the pretty head of a pretty girl with a giant axe. Sometimes I dream about mutilating a handsome-looking lad until he’s but a mess of minced flesh and smashed bones. Sometimes I dream about pinning a lovable child on the floor like some butterfly in a collection. Sometimes I dream about burning virgins on stake.

And at the end, always, I see myself with a twisted smile.

The contents of the dreams, all gruesome and vivid, vary but the feelings after waking up remain the same. A tinge of satisfaction. A hint of delight. But soon they fade, replaced a giant wave of guilt.

Many a time I ask Him for my mind to be emancipated from those devil’s thoughts. Silence is my only answer.

It’s a charming woman with a head of gold I see this time. Her neck is pale and slender as a swan’s and it’s held easily between my robust fingers. Feebly she struggles against my grip, her red nails scratching the skin of my left forearm.

But it’s no avail. Her fate is sealed. I know.

I wake up and effortlessly push the disturbing dream to the back of my head. I’ve learnt to allow those dreams to bother me no longer. As I put on my cassock and wear my rosary around my neck, I am the faithful servant of God, nothing like the warped murderer in my dreams.

But it’s strange. The skin of my left forearm is marred by a few scratches. I must have been careless the day before, I guess.

I see a mob on the way to my church. It seems a murder happened overnight. A young and charming woman was brutally strangled to death on her way home.

“Jesus Christ! How terrible!”. I mumble and cross myself. “May the poor soul go to heaven.”

The body of the unfortunate victim is carried off by the police. As they pass by, I spot a glint of gold under the white blanket.

It looks familiar. I wonder where I have seen that color.

7 thoughts on “Murder Dreams

  1. It’s a change in POV! I always enjoy seeing you experiment new ways of storytelling through these tales. The story is interesting. And I love the last “innocent” sentence, which fits perfectly with the previous revelation (all dreams are pushed to the back of the character’s head).
    But then, it’s just more killing. The story is more of a thriller than being bizarre to me. How about everyone alive next time? :))


    1. I got the inspiration from my own dreams (which are murder dreams themselves ‘__’).

      I’m at the mercy of my inspiration. And my inspiration seems to head toward morbid themes. Ever heard of ‘death drive’? I had to answer that question in my defence ;__;


      1. Everyone seems to be afraid of Alec (−_−;). I thought his lessons were rather intriguing. I had to admit he had a great influence on me (and my thesis(−_−;)

        You think I should change the title of this series? Something like ‘Morbid tales’?


  2. I learned a lot from the two courses with Alec, but it’s just not really pleasant to remember those time. Or maybe I’m just jumping the bandwagon and list him as a bad guy.
    If you change the title, then you’ll have an excuse for writing more morbid stories? In that case, I’ll vote for ‘no’. I’m fine with the bizarre things.


    1. The title’s been bothering me for a while. The name seems a bit too vague. At first I couldn’t think of any other names. I just thought I needed to put my morbid thoughts into form and I didn’t know how the series would turn out. Just like you said, some stories don’t really fit in with the title.

      Some authors just take the title of a story (perhaps their most favorite one) to name the whole series. You think I should do the same?

      Btw, I wonder if you could take a look at those Vietnamese tales entitled with [Diệp Phó]. Though I put them in fanfiction category, all of them can be read independently. Hope you don’t mind the BL aspect (^ω^)


      1. If writing down the morbid thoughts was your intention in the first place, then i guess it’s okay to change the title. I have no suggestion for you, though.

        I don’t mind BL ^^. However, I’m quite busy moving house now, so I won’t read your stories right away.


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