Episode 270713

“Fuck the vampires. I’ll be a werewolf.”

I remember saying something like that in my recent dream. Right this afternoon. I was a werewolf in that dream, or at least I believed I was. We werewolves were rare in the world dominated by vampires. Humans were many but they were merely vampires’ preys. Strangely we werewolves fought (or hunted) the vampires for human’s sake. Funny, eh?

Did I mention I was not alone in the dream? Though werewolves were rare, I managed to get myself a companion. She had been human and a vampire’s slave while I was born a werewolf (my memory told me that much). She became a werewolf after her death by jumping out of the window (my most vivid memory of this dream). Don’t ask me how that turned her into a werewolf; I didn’t know more than you, despite it was MY dream. Werewoldhood (I make that up) had become her and she looked lovely with midnight black hair and crimson eyes. I guess that was why I took her under my wing and we began wandering through a complex where (mostly poor) humans lived. We encountered a male vampire in suit and decided to kill him. Just when our chase started I woke up. Real shame. No matter how I tried to continue the dream (belive me when I say I had a very realistic yearn to tear that vampire apart), it failed. Sometimes I succeed; sometimes I don’t. This particularly interesting dream just has to fall into the failure category.

It’s funny to think about those dreams which are more exciting than my life. This is not the first time I’ve had this thought: I’d rather live in my dream and spend an eternity hunting vampire. That would be much better than living a dull life I guess.

It seems I’m becoming loquacius in this diary entry. Talking/ writing down my thoughts releases the burdens that keep piling up in me. Talking to someone seems a foreign notion to me; I throughly sympathize with Kafka  and his issues (though can’t help secretly laughing at him sometimes). Let’s just say we have a common problem of not having enough trust in anyone. But Kafka had Felice while I have….. WordPress. Guess we’re not alone, eh?

My [Dark room] received possitive comments from my readers. While writing it, I was torn between wanting to add darker elements (to me it’s not dark enough) and restraining myself from adding darker elements. Guess the perception of “dark” differs from person to person.

Sometimes I feel like a completely nut when writing my thoughts/ comments at the end of each post. Don’t know if anyone will read them. My friend once told me I should pretend that somebody actually read and hypnotizing myself into believing it. Guess that’s a little too difficult for me.

Stumbled on the old series of ‘Hellraiser’. I watched the 1st one (and the only one the creator claimed to be his) and found it pretty interesting. There’s certain charm in Pinhead (good to know I’m not the only female to find him attractive). The way he speaks. The authoritve air he emits. I agree with Clive Barker that the intelligient type is much more dangerous than the brutal but mindless one and certainly Pinhead is the former. He knows what he wants and what he has to do to get it. He doesn’t go on a mindless, pointless killing spree like other horror villains (I heard in the 3rd installment he did become that way but that Pinhead wasn’t acclaimed by the creator Clive Baker). Good thing to know that encountering Pinhead does not ensure death; instead, you can reason or even bargain with him for your life and actually succeed.

By the way, his new design doesn’t seem to as charming as the old one.

Do I look like someone who cares what God thinks?

2 thoughts on “Episode 270713

  1. I’m kinda jealous of you right now , it had been so long since I had any dream that I remember at all , let alone a cool one OAO .
    And oh , I believe the term you were looking for is ” Lycanthropy ” .


    1. ooh, thanks ^^
      I believe most of my dreams involve killing someone or something, often in brutal manners. Don’t know what my unconscious mind’s trying to tell me ^^


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