Episode 230713

Insomnia. Fell asleep at 4 AM and woke up at 9. Terrible headache.

Noon. Wary dreams tired me out. Still, I remembered nothing after waking up.

This gloomy weather is deteriorating my health, my motivation, my enthusiasm and confidence. Everything is seeping out of my body real quick and I feel like I’m becoming an empty shell. My appetite doesn’t improve one bit.

I really want to write. Believe me I do. I just have little to zero motivation. Should I just put a warning on the wall of my blog that says ‘if you want the story to continue, please leave a few words after reading’. I was once a silent reader myself and now I truly realize how ungrateful I was. So, I just stop reading what people put on their blogs if I have nothing to say to the authors.

It’s awkward when someone asks me (not very politely) when the next chapter of my story will be EDITED. Yes, edited. Despite the fact that I have clearly said it is my own story, she just flatly says ‘edit’. Doesn’t really matter as long as you get what you want, eh? You may say I’m making a fuss out something trivial but if you’re in my shoes, you’ll understand.

New version of a rather old song. ‘Dress’ (Trinity Blood) by BUCK-TICK. Still like it afer these years.

“Boku wa naze kaze no you ni kumo no you ano sora e to ukabu…”

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