Episode 180713

Morning. Woke up from a funny dream. Didn’t like it much. I found a dream in which I am chased around by monsters/ax-murderers far more interesting than a dream like this. Actually I rather fancy those murder-dreams. I’m not weak and helpless like in other dreams; I have powers and I know how to use them. Remember the time when I dreamed about having Hercules as my Servant. Hah, we made one hell of a pair. I could even stand on par with king Pika and his spam attack Gate of Babylon.

I fumbled through my old notes and found out that I’m having LOTS of unfinished projects. I keep telling myself I have to finish what I started and I would not let any of them go to waste. But new projects fill in while old, unfinished ones lay in a corner of my shelf, dusty and faded. I need to finish them. I want to finish them. Still, which should I start with? Every time I start zomething new I’m dreaded with a fear that I won’t be able to finish it. I hate being irresponsible but I can’t help being sometimes.

My little Snow and my little Leaf. I’ve made you two nice portrayals but my brother, with his carelessness, lost them. Biggest shame of the weak.

Still waiting for money from the school. Me and soon-to-be my phone.

Have the urge to ramble a little bit about the Kaze twins from Zone-00. Half identical, very pretty (and sexy). From first glance I thought I was looking at Astharothe and Hugue from Trinity Blood (same artist, duh). It doesn’t help that Hotaru (the male one) behaves like Hugue too, quiet and shy. Maybe Hugue is not that shy. I actually like boys like Hotaru, boys who are hot but they don’t even know it and they stay quiet, humble amd nice around the girls. I’m not hot for those Casanovas. So far I’m not shipping Hotaru with anyone sans his older sister Jun. Twincest happens to be my kink.


My left thumb’s been aching for some time. Maybe after graduation I’ll have a general health check. Not surprised if it turns out I’m a malfunctioned body that needs a lot of fixing. My heart- has to be something wrong going on, my nose- I’m gonna call it a ‘nosejob’, and maybe my thumb. Good thing it’s not my right thumb; otherwise I’ll have trouble holding a pen.

Found out something at the end of the day: my body gets a little better after 8:00 PM.

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