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Legend has it that Vhagear appears in the human world only once in a thousand years. When she does, one mortal fortunate enough to behold her majestic figure will have their wish granted. Vhagear’s power knows no bound; with just a fragment of which, no mortal wished cannot be realized.

She was one such mortal to be able to witness Vhagear’s majesty.  There was simply no word to describe the deity in front of her; her beauty had transcended beyond mortal comprehension. Thus, the mortal girl could only gaze at Vhagear, speechless in awe.

Bathing in Vhagear’s divinity was already a privilege; who would ever imagine having their deepest desire answered by her?

What was a miracle in mortal eyes was constructed only by a subtle wave of her hand. Before she vanished for another thousand years, Vhagear turned to the human girl and smiled.

“May you find happiness in your heart’s desire.”

She didn’t quite grasp the meaning in Vhagear’s blessing. Being only 14 years of age, she did not possess the knowledge to understand what she had just asked and thus, the girl was more than happy to have her wish fulfilled.

She was a great beauty of little recognition, a true diamond in the rock. With Vhagear’s power, she was discovered and soon, the girl from a backwater town became the most precious gem to shine on the world stage. Men knelt at her feet and women scorned her while secretly wishing to become her. It was impossible though; she had Vhagear’s blessing; they didn’t. The only thing they could was to gaze at her graceful figure with admiration and envy, the same as her younger self who had gazed at Vhagear that fateful day.

None could catch up with her; she was all by herself at the highest peak.

On the lonely peak she died. An untimely and mysterious disease had sucked away her life like a vacuum, leaving her an impeccable yet empty vessel to be buried inside a crystal coffin like a pretty doll. People cried for her, people who had both admired and scorned her. They might not love her; still their tears were real for they genuinely grieved over the disappearance of a star at its brightest shine. Forever she would stayed in people’s hearts as an unfortunate beauty who perished at the prime of her youth.

That, Vhagear had promised her.

3 thoughts on “Wish

  1. me know that the wish would soon backfire on her. because author views her as a poor little mortal. and author is famed for having dark ideas =))

    kinda reminds me of paper cranes. when at such age, somebody told me that with 1000 paper cranes, my wish would be granted. thus, me made 1000 of them :))

    me like stories about wishes. this is good. but me not satisfied, me need more twists :))


  2. Hey, i was inspired by Chau Vuong to create this character

    Actually i edited out most of the original idea. The tragedy is that the wish (or rather, the curse) follows her even in her next lives. Over and over, she dies at the prime of her youth (and success) without knowing why she has to suffer such a cruel fate. It’s not until her old memories return that she finally understands. And she endures and wait, betting on a faint hope that Vhagear will return in a thousand years so that she can erase that foolish wish.

    But Q told me that would be a novel so i stopped right there


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