Love You till Death

Caitlin sat opposite of Demens, her cheeks a faint shade of cherry blossoms. A smile was playing on her lips, further enhancing her lovely features, a smile which indicated her utmost happiness.

Caitlin was very happy indeed. Because Demens had just worn a silver ring on her finger and said four vital words all girls would love to hear from their man:

“Will you marry me?”

“With all my heart, my love. With all my heart.”

Demens kissed her then and asked if she would want to pay his home a visit.

Without a moment of hesitation, Caitlin nodded her head.

How could she not?

Since the budding of their relationship, not once had Demens taken her to his place nor introduced her to anyone from his family. Though Caitlin had been curious, she would never ask; she trusted him with all her maiden’s heart.

Caitlin had never known any men who were a truer gentleman than Demens. For all the time they had been dating, though he always said that she was very beautiful, Demens had never allowed any obscene thoughts to taint their pure relationship. Kissed her he had, but they had never been further than tender touches between two pairs of lips. Knowing that Caitlin was a traditional woman, Demens had never pressed her to go over the limit. He had even told her that he was willing to wait for their wedding night. For that Caitlin was grateful to him. For that she loved him.

“There’s someone who’s very important to me that I want to introduce you to.” Demens said while closing the door behind them. Caitlin heard the ‘click’ sound of door being locked. Her heart skipped a beat.

Since she stepped into the yard, her heart seemed to be overwhelmed with a feeling of anxiety.

She took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down.

The room was pitch-black until Demens turned on the lights. “Come on in!”, Demens beckoned her.

Caitlin’s eyes widened at the sight of a rocking chair in the middle of the otherwise furnitureless living room. Demens walked to the chair, slowly turning it around.

There was a person on that chair, a very young woman. She was so thin that she seemed to be nothing but skin and bones. Her tousled hair covered most of her face, allowing only her lips to be visible.

Pale lips that belonged to a corpse rather than a human.

Caitlin was aware that her voice was trembling vehemently. So was her whole body.

“What’s this, Demens? Who’s this girl?”

“My sister.” As if blind to Caitlin’s blatant horror, Demens replied calmly.

The next minute, his lips were on hers, those lips which had kissed Caitlin only a few hours ago.

Caitlin was almost frozen on the spot, eyes bare to witness the uncanny show in front of her.

As soon as Demens’ lips departed from hers, the girl’s eyes shot open.

Glowing red.

With staggering steps she advanced toward Caitlin, her arms reaching out.

Survival instinct bought a cold bucket on her paralyzed mind. With all her strength, Caitlin pushed down the girl and ran to the door.


She yanked the door handle hard. It would not open.


Demens came to Caitlin, holding her in his embrace.

“This is a joke, right, Demens? Can you stop it now? It’s not funny at all!”

“Hush, Caitlin. Hush, my darling. Please, don’t shout! You’ll scare my sister.”

“That’s a freak, Demens! Are you out of your mind?”

Shouting, Caitlin struggled to free herself from his arms. To her despair, Demens was much stronger than his lean figure seemed to tell. Step by step, the corpse girl closed the distance between them.

“What do you want, Demens? Let me go!”. Caitlin pled through a teary veil. “Just now you said you loved me, wanted to marry me!”

“Caitlin my darling. I said I loved you till death. That I did. Till your death.”

Caitlin did not have the time to dissect the meaning of his words whispering into her ears because the girl was already on her.

It was so quick before she lost her final thread of consciousness.

With tender and care, Demens wiped away the fresh blood dripping from his sister’s chin.

“How’s this? This one, I spent a lot of time and efforts to gain her trust. Virgins in this era are rare and they aren’t fools as they were.”

The girl nodded while still munching on a finger. A silver ring was spat out.

“Ah, the ring. The best way to gain a woman’s trust. Or is it?”

A sweet smile was playing on her lips, a smile which very much resembled the late Caitlin’s.

Her pale skin, as soon as she started feasting, began to turn a rosy shade. Absorbing Caitlin’s life, she became even more beautiful than Caitlin had ever been.

She brought her full, smeared lips to Demens’.

“Very sorry, Caitlin. I did not lie when I said I loved you. But this one, I love her till my death.”

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