A Grim Reaper’s Kiss

It was said that when a Grim Reaper came to you, it would be your kiss they steal and your life they reap.

He was the youngest Grim Reaper, and the most beautiful.

He was the Grand Lord’s favorite, and his biggest worry.

Because his years were too young and his heart too naïve.

He had yet to take a life.

Still, once a Grim Reaper, duty was inevitable.

This was his first mission.

Lost in admiration, the young Grim Reaper stared at the human laying on the dais. By far she was the most ravishing creature he ever knew.

He held his breath and came to her side. Much as he lamented, he had duty to fulfill.

Her lips were soft and sweet as he touched her. He prolonged his kiss, greedily feasting on her warmth before it vanished.

He had made a mistake. A grave one.

Though her eyes shut tight, her slender fingers searched beneath her pillow and found a silver needle.

It was said that putting a silver needle under your head would dismiss a Grim Reaper’s spell upon their victim.

And if they lingered the kiss long enough, you could even stab it into their heart.

She had not been certain; she had only betted.

Her victory.

The Grim Reaper’s blood bloomed on the stark white floor like a giant Manjusaka and he himself at its core.

Once you murdered a Grim Reaper, you would gain immortality.

Immortality was just what she needed to preserve her beauty.

To her utmost terror, black wings protruded from her shoulder blades; her nails became claws and her skin turned deadly grey.

Grim Reaper- like.

Once you murdered a Grim Reaper, you would gain immortality. By becoming one yourself.

This part, not many mortals knew.

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