Most were not pleased with her entrance.

The company had been in dire need of an expert on this field and her academic reports as well as previous experiences were more than enough to gain her a ticket. The head of HRM sighed and agreed to close their job advertisement on the newspapers.

She had dressed nicely and professionally on her interview. She had replied to her interviewer’s queries with wits and grace. She shone as a peculiarly prominent candidate, a candy any managers would want. Still, the HRM manager was hesitant. The woman looked too old for the age stated in her birth certificate; her wrinkles and haggardness were visible despite her careful make-ups. But for her resumé, none could tell she was only 26.

To fail such a capable individual simply due to her natural appearance would be a waste and so, she got accepted to the company.

Girls started to snigger as soon as the new employee showed up and guys heaved back their sighs. Still, the woman seemed not to care for their not-so-warm welcome; she had her entire focus on the tasks assigned. For her, it was the bosses that she must please, not the colleagues.

There was a subtle change in her the second, the third and days later as she came to work. Her previous wrinkles lessened a great deal; her haggardness faded and not only did she look 20 years younger, her face even radiated an undeniable glamor.

Half a month since her entrance, she completed her metamorphosis; no trace had been left of the withered old woman most had jeered. Now she was a young, accomplished, professional and gorgeous businesswoman.

She was one of the rarest cases that wasn’t quite upset when being asked to delay their holiday vacation to finish an important task. She was even delighted to give up her, which were already relatively short, days off to work extra-time. No doubt she was the boss’ darling in the whole department.

The girls, in a fit of envy, harbored a secret hope that she would overwork and exhaust her beauty, like they did. Still, in this strange woman’s case, the result was starkly opposite.

She received an inquiry of what her inspiration to work was, to which she only gave a simple reply :”Working is my life.”

She said with a sincere smile and one should know not to doubt her truth.

8 thoughts on “Workaholic

      1. Especially when the reader tends to wallow in absurd theories and assumptions that have absolutely nothing to do with the writer’s original intention.


    1. Jeez, fingers slipped 😰😰.
      You can go ahead and understand it in any way you like. It’s up to you. The truth is I forgot why I wrote this story already 😱


      1. Exactly. Sometimes I don’t know why I’m writing something. I just have to write it down. It’s no metaphor, it doesn’t have any real meaning. I write because I like it 😜😜


      2. When I read the story I made this uncanny analogy about you and how you seem more “alive” when you pour your heart out in words. I bet you age backward as you write, just like this workaholic girl 😉


      3. What you said is sad but true. I always feel that I only live half of myself in the real world while the other half is drifting in the bizarre world I created. I don’t find much joy in reality; on the other hand I have some sort of a vicarious pleasure when reading and writing. I think it’s Escapism.


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