Blood+ version of the song “Marian” [Robinhood : Men in tights-1994]


Saya : Where is the knight that I love most of all ?
When will I hear him call “Saya, Saya”
He is the one who can make my life whole
Joyful forevermore

Oohhh ~

Haji : Where is the queen that I’m longing to see ?
Where can she be, my sweet Saya, Saya
Oh when will I hold you here in my arms
Knowing you are my love

Saya : I’ve waited so patiently
For a true love
When will he come for me ?
Where is he, where is he ?

Haji : In all my dreams, there’s a vision I see
Your hand in mine, my dear Saya, Saya
There’s no tomorrow without you, my love
Oh, you are my reasons to be

Oohhh ~

Haji : My heart had made a vow
It’s just for you

Saya : You are my one true love

Saya and Haji : Only you, only you

Saya : Where is the Chevalier who carries the key ?

Haji : They say it’s me, my dear Saya, Saya

Saya : I can not wait till he sets my memory free
Oh, when will I know him ?

Haji : Oh, when will I see her ?

Saya : When will I hear him

Saya nad Haji : Say “Saya, my love”

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