Rating : T

Characters : Alicia, Rufus, Ehrde and Roland’s cameo

Pairing : AliciaXRufus

Genre : Romance

Preview : A not so uneventful night of their journey to Asgard

Silently humming an old song, Alicia tried hard to coo herself to sleep. After a long day fighting monsters and bandits, her body must have been exhausted. Her Einherjars, Celes, Ehrde and Roland had long gone to sleep. In spite of being “soul”, they still needed to rest, or else they would vanish into nothingness. That also happened if their mistress was exhaused to death. Alicia could not allow herself to die, not until she retrieved the Dragon Orb safely to Midgard, not until she saved Brahms. And yet, not until she met Silmeria again. Trying to stay alive, maintaining her Einherjars’s visible form, healing the injuries they got….Alicia had never relized that the loss of Silmeria would cause her so much stress. She had always been so dependent on Silmeria that, now, with Silmeria was gone, she was like a little bird on her first flight without her mother’s assist. If it wasn’t for someone, she wouldn’t have made it this far. That “someone” was right here, lying next to her, his breath was a warm breeze against her back, his arm rested innocently on her waist, keeping her from moving on the small bed. She sighed a happy sigh, making no attempt to escape his hug.


It was so late when they entered the small inn. The owner was unable to provide her with two separate rooms, since there was only one left. Rufus suggested sleeping on the floor, leaving the whole bed for her although Alicia had insisted on sharing the bed with him. How stubborn ! When she came back from the bath, Rufus had already gone to his dreamy land. Couldn’t stand seeing her only companion spend the rest of the night on the cold floor, she was quick to summon Roland and Ehrde to help her carry Rufus to bed ( Ehrde cursed her disturbance of  his sleep a lot ), without waking him up. It seemed that her worry turned out to be vague since Rufus had slept like his only purpose of life was to sleep.


She was almost lost to her thinking when some noise interrupted her. That noise came from behind and she knew it so well. Rufus usually made that sound when something troubled his sleep. Alicia turned around to see him frown, several sweat beads rolling down his face. But what caught her attention were hints of moisture coming directly from the corners of his tight-shut eyes. They felt hot on her fingertips. Was he crying ? She wondered.

His arm tightened around her waist, cost her many efforts to sit up. Her fingers touched his face, wiped away some his “tears”. She smiled to herself, finding how smooth his skin was as she caressed his cheeks.

It seemed like what was bothering him couldn’t give itself a break. This time, his nails clawed into the mattress, causing the thin material to tear apart. He bit his lips hard enough to draw some blood. He must have felt very painful, she thought. Carefully lifted his head and placed it on her lap, Alicia cast a healing spell on him. It seemed to work a little bit. At least, he stopped hurting himself any further.

Taking a deep breath, Alicia touched his bandanna, something he would never let anyone touch if he was awake. Inch by inch, his forehead was exposed until the red bandanna was on her palm. She smiled in admiration as she found how cute his pointy ears were. It was a real shame that he hid them from everyone, hid them from her. That smile of her, however, was short-lived since his forehead felt so hot on her bare palm. She wondered if the poison these bugs had struck earlier was the cause of his fever. She was pretty sure that he had drunken the antidote but it might not be enough. She had insisted him to drink more but he had refused, convinced that he was more than OK. She knew that he wanted to save the last one for her, in case she got herself poisoned. Just so like him, always thinking for her best.

It took Alicia quite a lot efforts to get herself out of his arm. She went on tiptoe, trying not to make a noise. Taking a small bottle out of her bag, she hurried back to his side. But how could she get him to drink ? He simply could not wait until the morning ( to drink it himself ). Something passed her mind, Alicia whispered an “eureka” sound. She took some of the potion herself, her fingers traced down his lips, slightly parted them away. She sealed her lips against his, carefully transferred all the liquid to mouth, down his throat. She repeated a few times until the bottle was empty. It took seconds till the potion took effect, his fever was gone, his face looked peaceful again, as if he was enjoying a beautiful dream. Alicia smiled in relief, allowing herself to lie back on the bed. She licked her lips, savored the taste of his lips. “Sweet” was the only word in her mind till she found herself lost in the sleep.


Rufus was having the most beautiful dream of his life. In that dream, Alicia was kissing him, her arms wrapped around his neck. And then, she smiled, eyes shining with a look he didn’t quite understand. Rufus also found himself smiled back, his arms tightened around her waist, pulling her petite body close to his. If only that moment could last forever…

The heat of sunshine struck his face, causing Rufus’s eyes to reluctantly open. He nearly gasped when he saw his princess lying next to him, her head rested on his chest. He was quite sure that he had laid on the floor last night but how he got on the bed, more importantly, into her embrace, he couldn’t explain. At least, nothing crazy happened. ( He was relieved to find their clothes were still on. )

He intended to get out of the bed but her cute sleeping face prevented him so. Instead, he laid back, enjoyed watching her. It was a chance that he would curse himself a thousand times if he missed.

“Maybe we will start late today. Just for today.”

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