He could be defined as a severe case of mysophobia.

To say so is still an understatement. He washes his hands after performing even the tiniest act. He bathes several times a day. He stores an abundant amount of tissue in his bag just to make sure he can swipe off a drop of sweat before it even forms. He uses cleaning products and even disinfectants to keep his living space and his belongings free of dirt and bacteria. Worse, he demands anyone who enters his zone to behave the same.

A scratch is a dreadful thing. If mistreated, it may get infection. So when our man had his elbow scraped by the table edge, he really freaked out. He rubbed the wound with every kinds of disinfectant he could get his hands on until it became raw with friction. It was painful but it served as a means to ease his anxiety.

A ritual he did day after day, cleaning his scraped skin until it became numb.

Like a disease, it spread. A small wound at first gradually grew its size. Like a starving beast, it quickly devoured the skin and flesh tissues around, worrying every single bits and spitting out dirtied yellow pus and a horrible stench. It was not simply pain, it was an unbearable agony. Yet it still was not his main concern at this moment. Physical pain paled in comparison with the utmost disgust everytime he tore out the pus-damped bandage to clean.

Thus he cleaned harder and harder.

Still it grew bigger and bigger.

It was not so long before his entire arm was melted off his shoulder, swallowed by the ever-starving body-eating monster.

He imprisoned himself in his spotless room, haunted with a paranoia that someone might get to witness his grotesque transformation.

No one knew exactly what happened to the man of extreme obsession with cleanliness. Weeks later, when his neighbors became suspicious at his strange absence and called the police, the door to his apartment was broken down. Everyone had expected a foul stench of decaying as they had suspected his death, instead there was only a strong smell of disinfectant. The furniture, the wall, the floor, the bathroom…, everything was spotless and in perfect order. However, they were dumbfounded to discover a pool of yellow poo on the floor which reeked of disinfectant.

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