However far he went, he could only see the mist, the chalky white mist which devoured everything and spared none. He, a lonely existence engulfed in it, could not help but feel its vile vulture’s claws gnawing his consciousness.

He had been wandering ever since he came to his awareness. Why had he been doing so, he did not know; there were so many questions beyond his knowledge. Who he was, for instance. Where he came from, another. Why he was here, lost in this thick mist. Whether he would reach his supposed destination if he kept on walking, he did not know either. Still, his legs were urged by an unknown, mysterious force which assured him once he found what needed to be found, everything would become crystal clear.

What was the thing needed to be found ? He wandered and searched; still, only mist was abundant.

A white door was revealed in front of him, seemingly thrown up by the surfeited misty beast. A streak of light exuded from behind, inviting him, coaxing him. He sensed an invisible power compelling him to open and expose everything behind.

He extended his hand toward the knob.

Light flooded as soon as the door was pushed open. Blazing light, seething light. Surrounded by that light was something, someone whose features his eyes could not make out but once he had seen it, his mind and heart experienced an untimely quake. If there was one thing he knew at the moment, it was that he had to step inside and see for himself.

Beyond the door and veiled by the blinding light was a void. As soon as he stepped in, his body fell into its bottomless depth.

Light greeted his eyes the first time after 20 years of darkness. Around him were the cries, tears and applauses of faces he began to identify one by one. His family, his relatives, his friends. But those whose smiles were the brightest were his doctors, for his awakening was the sweet fruit of their 20-year labor.

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