I love you

[ Valkyrie Profile : Silmeria Fiction ]

Rating : K+

Characters : Lezard, Rufus, True Valkyrie

Pairing : RufusXAlicia

Genre : Angst

Preview :  True Valkyrie’s last thought as she slowly faded away.

” Lenneth’s spirit… Lenneth’s soul… It all belongs to me !”

The man before her grinded his teeth, troubling to stand on his feet. He lifted his right hand in which Gungnir was hold steadily.

“…Now die ! You damned human !”

With his very last ounce of strength, he thrusted the divine lance into her delicate body, not hoping to bring her down with him but for the sake of vengeance : It was her who killed his beloved goddess, who took Lenneth Valkyrie away from him. That, alone, was unforgivable.

She just stood there, making no effort to dodge. Her face remained cold, emotionless. Happiness, anger, sadness, sympathy… those mortal feelings were not something to be displayed on a goddess’s face. It was about time to give her judgment, to decide this his fate. That was her job as both Chooser of the Slain and Goddess of Fate.

” You have toyed with countless souls. You have used Gungnir to wreak havoc and destruction on the world. For these sins you will pay with your soul.”

He downed on his knees, hand still clinging to Gungnir. ” I have lost”, he said with a smile before being turned into thousand sparkles. To have been vanished into nothingness, that was what fate had decided for him. Did he regret ? She thought not.

But fate also decided something for her. The hole where Gungnir had stabbed her began to widen ; it was eating her away. ” Eating away” was not a beautiful term for a goddess, was it ? Were gods capable of dying ?

Even so, she felt no pain at all. This body wasn’t hers any way. That mortal princess, whose this body belonged to, had sacrificed her own body, her own life, her own spirit for the true Valkyrie to be reborn. But most importantly, she had sacrificed her own love.

“Alicia… ”

He called her name, voice was weak and unsure. To him, the Valkyrie was…strange, so unfamiliar, and yet, so dear. It was hard to accept the fact that Hrist, Lenneth, Silmeria and his princess were all there, four different souls melded into one. Could Alicia here his calling out for her ?


Pain stabbed her, deeply and severely, right in the heart as she heard his voice. Her heart, no, Alicia’s heart was beating wildly fast, reacting to his call. Feelings overwhelmed her, filled her mind with sadness and regret, things that Hrist was so unfamiliar with, but Lenneth and Silmeria could somehow understand. The Valkyrie was unable to know the reason why a simple thing like that voice possessed such a power, the power that could control her.


She turned around to meet him in the eyes. Her golden eyes were now blue, clear and beautiful, the ones that resembled Alicia’s. It was Alicia’s final wish to see her love with those eyes for the last time. To fulfill that wish was the only way for the Valkyries to show their appreciation toward her sacrifice. ” Forgive me, Rufus “. The Valkyrie heard the voice of her vessel, solf and remorseful, invisible tears rolled down her cheeks.

” The Forest of Spirits, Bifros, Valhalla or at the top of Yggdrasil, I always want to be with you. Even the flame of Nifleheim is just a warm breeze if I know that you’ll never leave me behind. But now, it’s me who leave you…..”


He was surprised to see the Valkyrie lifted her left hand to her lips. There still shined the ring of Mylinns, Alicia’s good luck charm, the only sign of hers was left. She kissed the ruby, feeling its coldness on her lips. Silence filled the chamber as no one dared to form a word.

” It is now”. She whispered to herself, knowing it was about time she had to leave him. This time, maybe forever. Her body weighed less and less, no longer in her control, the result of being faded away. Even the goddess of Fate could not change her destiny. It was a great pity, indeed.

She was smiling, or that was what she thought; her left hand waved slightly as a sign of saying farewell. He hurried to her side, her name being called desperately. He wrapped his arms around her, hoping to embrace her one last time, to feel her small body close to his once more. Sadly, he was too late, she had already gone. The feathers on her beautiful wings were the only things remained; as well as the emptiness he would have to keep for all of eternity. He bit his lips, hard enough to draw blood, cursing his inability to keep her, to embrace her soul in his heart, like she had once done to his. As her Einherjar, the only thing he had ever done was to see his Valkyrie walk down the path of destruction. He hadn’t been able to protect her, and yet, she never blamed for that. How useless of an Einherjar he was.


The soul of Valkyrie was finally separated into four; each shined with their very essence : Hrist with the purple of nobility, Lenneth with the blue of wisdom, Silmeria with golden of arrogance. And Alicia with the white of purity. Together, the four of them entered the endless cycle of rebirth; their memories being slowly erased : joys, sadness,angers…. everything faded away, giving way for their souls to adapt a new life. But for something that had already been engraved deeply upon the souls, it would remain there forever, waiting for the day to be awaken. It was only a matter of time.

” I love you. Will you wait for me ? “

” You know I will.”

” Till the end of time ? “

” Till the end of time. “



[ Note: AHHHH…I must be crazy >”<. Using a Lawfer picture for a AliciaXRufus fic >”< . Not even a VP2 picture. What the hell am I thinking ???? The hell is that I don’t have any AliciaXRufus pic that LOOKS serious ( only the funny ones TT_TT ). This is NOT a humor fic, anyway. Beside, I felt in love with this Lawfer pic the first time I saw it ( stole it from some fanart page ^^) and I have always been looking for a chance to show it. And now is the chance ( copying Alicia’s battle’s quotes ^^). By the way, my first FINISHED fic, mainly to satisfy my fetish of AliciaXRufus. Yay me !! ]

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