God, Too, Is a Lonely Man

God sits alone on the highest throne of Seven Heavens, watching the world he created and the creations he breathed life into. Father to all and yet, God holds love for no particular beings. Loved by all and yet, God himself is loveless.

Perhaps, God loves none of his creations because each and every of them is bound to imperfection. To give them flaws is to make them equal and though the number of flaws varies in each individual, it is undoubted that none is closed to perfection.

So, in order to try love, God begins to mold a creature that will be seen as a perfect being. But ‘perfect’ is so vague a word that even God becomes confused. He asks his angels, who, by all means, are also his creations and each gives him a different answers. He asks his humans and each gives him a different answer. He asks himself and still remains uncertain.

It takes so long before God comes up with his own idea of ‘perfect’. If the meaning of ‘perfect’ varies with every being, God himself should also have one. Since he intends to birth a creature which provokes his love, it should therefore fit his qualifications.

In his eyes, what can qualifies as ‘perfect’ ?

Never before has God tried creating an impeccable creation; he is too used to giving them flaws. Therefore he decides to begin by eliminating all the flaws he has distributed among his earlier works. The final result is the first being ever to be absolutely free of flaws.

God is disappointed.

There is not much left with a creation free of flaws. With this latest work, God realizes that being flawless is also an imperfection, perhaps the greatest imperfection.

With a wave of his hand, God disintegrates the ‘perfect’ empty vessel.

Until God figures out how to create a perfect being, God is unable to love and thus, God remains a lonely man at the top of Seven Heavens.

6 thoughts on “God, Too, Is a Lonely Man

      1. Would you invite me to your wedding? Sometimes I concoct in my mind several scenarios in which our first encounter takes place. Still have yet to decide my favorite one.


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