Chapter 3 : I want to see you

“I want to see you” whispered Saya, who was sitting alone on the stairs leading to the Miyagusuku’s tomb. It had been about a week since her awakening and still, there was not single sign of him showing up. She had told Kai that she would wait for him to come. But now, she doubted she could any longer.

“Don’t you want to be with me, Haji ?”

It was raining heavily. Despite that, she kept sitting there, allowing the cold water to soak her body. She knew she was crying, although she couldn’t tell whether the water on her cheeks was her tears or the rain.

She should have felt cold but she didn’t. This was nothing compared to the frigid hollow in her heart. Deep inside, she tried to convince herself that what she was doing was in vain, though, she still bet on a small chance that he would hear her call and come for her. The warmness of his body, the safety his arms brought to her when he embraced her, the loving gaze he gave her when he looked into her eyes and the sweetness of his blood on her tongue. She wanted everything. Most of all, she wanted him back.


The rain suddenly stopped as an umbrella was brought upon her head. It was Kai, her brother, and now, her Chevalier. He quickly took off his jacket to to wrap in her soaked figure.

“Let’s go home, Saya. Before you catch a cold. ”

“No, I must stay here, I must wait for him !” The red queen shook her head stubbornly, ignored her brother’s thoughtfulness.

“If he comes, he will know where to find you. Don’t be silly and torture yourself anymore !”

” Why…tell me, Kai !… Why wouldn’t he want to see me ?” Unable to suppress her feelings, the queen bursted into tears. Tears poured down her cheeks, which were already wetted by the rain.

It tore the Chevalier’s heart to see his queen in such a melancholy state. It hurt even more to know that he couldn’t do anything to ease her pain. What he could do now was to embrace her into his arms, hoping to share a bit of her sorrow. They stayed like that for minutes, with an umbrella over their heads, until her cry became a quiet sob. The queen, exhausted by hunger and desolation, finally passed out on her Chevalier’s lap.

“Just sleep for a while. I’ll carry you home.”

“ Kai, have you seen my new dress ? I brought it the day before and now, I can’t find it anywhere.” Asked Rikku, who was rushing down the stair. With deep-blue eyes and black hair down her waist, it was like her mother, Diva, had come back to life.

“ Jeez, can you ever call me ‘papa’, for just once ? “ Kai snarled.

“ Can’t help! “ Rikku grinned. “ You aren’t looking the way you should be. My friends thought you were my boyfriend.” Despite her real age, which was over 30, Rikku still acted like a teenage girl, not to mention the fact that she still went to school, again and again ( different schools, of course ). It was hard to find someone who enjoyed going to school so much like Rikku.

A small sigh was heard and then came the answer Rikku wanted.

“ Rikka took both your dress and hers to the laundry. She said she would take it after her violin class.”

“ Thanks, Kai.” Rikku smiled mischievously. “ You know, we may call you ‘papa’ someday, if you find a ‘mama’ for us.” Said the blue-eyed girl before she ran to the outside. Grabbed a bite to eat, as usual.

“ Stop making so much noise, will ya ? Your aunt is sleeping up there.”

Guessed she wasn’t listening.

Kai went back to the kitchen to prepare some food. It wasn’t like any members of this family needed normal food. They just enjoyed it. Kai liked bentou, Rikka liked salads or any healthy food that helped her keep in shape ( Kai doubted if she would ever gain a single pound ). Rikku’s favorite was French-fries. The younger twin realized that not only did they ever get any older, they never gain weight. It was good to be Chiropteran queens. And Saya ? What did she enjoy ? Would sleeping in a cocoon for 30 years change her taste ?

The chatter got louder and louder and Kai knew what it meant : Rikka got back from her violin class and the twins began their endless gossip. Mostly about boys. And movies.

It seemed that Rikka was keen on music. She took lessons of almost every kind of instrument, except drum and triangle. In Kai’s opinion, cello was her best.

“ Nee Kai, could we go to the party tomorrow ?” Asked Rikka, using the cutest voice she had. “ We were invited”

“ What did we say about parties at night ? ” Somehow, being a father of two teenage-looking girls/ Chiropteran queens was a real pain in the neck.

“ We promise we’ll be home on time”

“You guys always promise !”

“ Not this time. So, please !!! “

“Please !!!”

Not the puppy eyes again !! Jeez, these girls always know how to use their secret weapon against me.

“ New guy ? How about those two who came here last week ? “ Said Kai, frowning.

“ We’re done !” Rikku explained “ Too childish !”

“ Too rude !” Rikka continued.

“ They even had ice-cream on their suits !” The girls said in unison.

“ Oh boy !!” How unlucky they were to have met his daughters. Kai truly felt sorry for the poor guys. These girls inherited their mother’s cruelty, only in a different way.

“ This time will be different. He’s a French guy !” Rikku said with a slight blush on her cheeks.

Before the girls went into their private talk show of this ‘new guy’, Kai managed to cut in with a sentence.

“ Excuse me ? What ‘French guy’ ? “

“ Joel. Didn’t we tell you about that. He’s uncle Joel’s son.”

Joel’s son. Kai remembered the girls telling him once. Guessed he hadn’t paid much attention back then.

“ Don’t worry, Kai. David will go with us. “ Rikka reassured.

“ Alright, alright. David’s a dependable guy. I guess I can trust him.”

“ That means we can go ? “ Said both girls in excitement.

“ Be home before 10 PM ! Or you’ll be grounded for a month ! “

“ Nee Rikka. We finally have a chance to meet him. He’s been studying in French the whole time. If he’s really cute, I may make him my Chevalier.”

“ Hey, what about me ? “

“ You’ve got David already !” Rikku retorted. “ He always likes you.”

“ Hey girls, did I just hear the word ‘Chevalier’ “. Again, Kai managed to cut in.

“ Yes, Kai. Do you think it’s about time for us to have our own Chevaliers ? “ Rikka said matter-of-factly.

“ You two have any idea what a Chevalier is ?”

“ We know already.” Choosing the words as carefully as she could, Rikku tried her best to act wisely in front of her father. “ They’re men who share the same blood as ours, who aren’t affected by time, like us.”

“ And love us, too.” Rikka finished her sister’s line with a blush on her cheeks.

“ And you two will have to go into your hibernation like your aunt. “

“ They’ll wait for us to wake up, like what you’ve been doing for aunt Saya for all these years. Aren’t you a Chevalier yourself ? ”

These girls… They always knew the best way to outsmart him. Sometimes, in front of them, Kai had to think of himself as a dumbass. Held up his hands in defeated, Kai said :

“ OK, OK, I give up. Just make sure you guys don’t make them Chevaliers against their will.

“ Promised.”

As the girls continued their conversation, Kai went back to what he hadn’t finished earlier : the meal.

“ Nee Rikka, I heard that aunt Saya still had a Chevalier other than Kai and our father.”

Although Kai and the former members of Red Shield : David and Julia, had told the girls everything they knew about Chiropteran, they had decided to keep the truth about there parents’ s a secret. The young queens needn’t to know that their father had been killed by their mother’s own hands, and their mother had been killed by their aunt.

“ I wonder what that Chevalier is like “

“ Much cooler than our Kai, I bet. ”

Saya was dreaming again. This time, it was a beautiful dream. He had heard her call and came for her. He took her hand and fulfilled her true wish : traveling around the world. No more Chiropteran. No more Diva and her Chevaliers. No more death, no more sorrow. Just him and her. Together.

This dream was so beautiful. Too beautiful that she couldn’t believe it was true. Saya soon realized that was only her dream when she awoke to find herself in her room, something she had long abandoned. To her surprise, this room was still clean and neat. Kai seemed to take good care of it, all prepared to welcome her back. Saya felt a little regretful as she recalled the selfish way she had been toward Kai. Hoped Kai would forgive her for that.

It was already night. She had been sleeping for hours and now, no matter how much she tried to ignored, her stomach began to crumble. She hadn’t eaten anything, except Kai’s blood, for the last few days.


Her heart almost stopped when she heard a melody being played in the next room. If this was just a random melody, it wouldn’t strike her heart this much…

But it was “Prelude”- her favorite piece, the one she had taught him long ago, the one her ears always yearned to hear

When Saya rushed through the door, she bumped into Kai, who was carrying a large tray of food to her room. Thanks to his Chevalier power, Kai was able to balance himself.

“ What’s your rush, Saya ? I knew you are hungry but this door won’t taste good. “

“ Kai, you hear it too ?

“ Hear what ? “

“ The music. The one he used to play for me. He has come back, hasn’t he ? ”

Disappointing her was the last thing Kai wanted to do. However, he didn’t see the point in lying to her, either.

“ No, he hasn’t. That was Rikka practicing in her room. Strange, it seemed to be her favorite piece, too.”

“ I see.” Saya said, lying back to her bed. Silence filled the small space between them. Kai knew it so well that even though it was quiet, his sister was actually sobbing. And yet, he didn’t know what to say to solace her.

“ Do you think…maybe…. He doesn’t want to be with me anymore ? “. Surprisingly, it was Saya who broke the silence.

“ He will never, Saya. From the short time I’ve known him, I can be sure that he will certainly not want to abandon you. As a man or a Chevalier.”

“ You think so ? “

“ Of course I do, Saya. He and I my not have much in common but I know for one thing, you’re our one and only family that we love and vow to protect. Er, beside the two trouble-makers that Diva had left us with.”

“ Trouble-makers, you say ? “

You have no idea, Saya. You have no idea.”

“Uhm, this is delicious. I don’t know about other tings, but your cooking has improved a lot.” Feeling less depressed, Saya began to eat the food Kai had brought for her.

“ It was an honor to be complimented by my queen”. He teased.

“ Stop it, Kai. I almost choke.”

“ I’ve made up my mind. If he doesn’t come to me, then I will find him, even if it costs me my entire active period.” Said the red-eyed queen with determination.

“ Now that’s the Saya I know. But first. Finish your meal. And don’t go without spending a few days with our friends and nieces. Dad didn’t taught us to be rude.”

“ Hai, brother.”

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