Chapter 2 : A lost pet – Part 1

Saya was very happy to have Haji with her. The boy was more than just a pet, like a little friend. Although he could only speak some simple sentences such as ” Saya’s home “, ” pick me up ! ” or ” play with me “, he had another thing to entertain her. The box she was given was actually a cello with a bow, especially modified to suit his size. When Saya gave them to him, little Haji ( or Haji-chan like Saya called him ) ‘s eyes shone brilliantly. Little Haji could play many pieces with his cello. If he listened to a new piece on TV or radio, he could play the entire piece again, perfectly. The greatest part was he would play anytime for her, if she asked him to.

However, there was a small problem.

Since Saya had little Haji, she became very sneaky. Every night, she came downstairs and stole some food, biscuits, milk or jam, even candies. Sometimes, she got caught by Kai, her older brother or Diva, her twin sister. Saya could put up with being called ‘ glutton ‘, as long as she could keep little Haji with her.

The young boy would appreciate anything she gave to him but she realized that Haji would enjoy things that Saya herself enjoyed. There was some kind of bond created between her and little Haji. As days passed, Saya grew more and more attracted to her pet. Saya gave up hanging out with her friends, going to the movies or shopping with her sister, to go home with Haji. The boy grew gloomy when she said ‘ goodbye ‘ to him to go to school, only to be cheered up when she got home and picked him up.

Saya knew she wouldn’t be able to hide him like this forever. However, she tried to keep it as long as possible. For now, she just enjoyed her little secret.

Unfortunately, her little was exposed sooner than she had thought. Her brothers and sister soon noticed that there was something strange about her. First, her younger brother Riku realized that Saya was eating more than usual, since he was the one that made lunch for her ( in fact, for all his brother and sisters ). Plus, Kai and Diva once caught her stealing food at night and bringing to her room. Second, Diva got really frustrated because Saya made her knock before entering her room. She often got to Saya’s room without knocking, which Saya really didn’t mind. There was once Diva forgot that and habitually came to Saya’s room to borrow a dress, she got herself scolded by her older twin for almost 30 minutes. And last, Saya didn’t want to go shopping with her anymore, so she had no choice but to ask Nathan, her ‘ gay boyfriend ‘, who got the worst sense of fashion to come with her. Talking about this ‘ gay boyfriend ‘, Diva couldn’t stand being ‘ boyfriendless ‘ while all her friends got one ( well, her sister Saya didn’t have one either but she didn’t take it serious like Diva ); so she made Nathan, the only one in the school that dared to get close to her, her boyfriend. At least, he was half a male.

That was why Diva gathered her brothers to secret meeting at the kitchen ( without Saya’s notice ).

” Saya must be hiding something from us ! ” Diva declared, banging her fist on the table to add dramatic effect.

” Maybe she is. But don’t you think it’s too personal for us to poke our nose into her business ? ” Kai, the oldest one, said like he didn’t care what Saya was hiding. In fact, Kai was too lazy to get involved to this kind of stuff. He would simply get Diva do the entire job for him.

” There’s nothing personal between us. We’re a family and she has no rights to hide something from us ! Right, Riku ? ”

” I… I think it’s her privacy and we shouldn’t interfere. Maybe Saya nee-chan got a boyfriend or something. ” Riku, the youngest one, spoke up, feeling a little scary of his sister. Seeing Diva’s glare, the boy quickly brought a hand to his mouth.

” Nonsense ! We’re brothers and sisters. We must care for each other ! ”

” Then… what’re you going to do ? Sneak into her room while she’s out ? ” Being the oldest one of Miyagusuku family, Kai was the only one who could debate with Diva. Even Saya wouldn’t dare, sometimes.

” That’s exactly what I want to say ! Listen carefully, tomorrow, Saya nee-chan will have extra class and that’s a perfect chance for us to have a look at her room. Now, who’s with me ? ”

Diva looked at her brothers expectantly. Much to her disappointment, neither of them raised their hand.

” Count me out ! Not interested in girl’s stuff. Beside, I have a date with Mao tomorrow. ”

” Jeez, you’re such a coward, Kai. ” Diva hissed. ” Riku, you’re with me, right ? ”

” Uhm… don’t you think it’s little invasive… ” Before he managed to finish his line, Diva sent him another death glare. The young boy swallowed hard. ” I mean, I’m with you, Diva nee-chan. ”

” That’s my brother ! ” Diva patted Riku on the back triumphantly, which caused the poor boy to choke. Poor Riku had no guts to stand against his sister.

” Tell me if you find something interesting ! ” Kai yawned and stood up to leave the kitchen.

” In your dream, Kai !! ” Diva growled.

So, as they had planned, Diva and Riku ( dragged along by Diva ) sneaked into Saya’s room while she was out.

” You guard here, OK ? If she comes home, signal me ! ”

” How ? ”

” Knock three times on the door ! Got that ? ”

” Eto… Don’t you think… we… uhm… shouldn’t… if Saya nee-chan caught us ? ”

” That’s why I brought you with me ! Stop blabbering or your Gundam figures are dead ! ” Diva ground her teeth threatening, which shut the boy up right away.

” Yes, ma’am ! I mean, Diva nee-chan ”

” Good. ”

Then, Riku was left alone outside Saya’s room, praying with all his heart that Saya wouldn’t go home in any minute.

Little Haji was left alone in Saya’s room as his master had to go to school and then, extra class. Whenever his master wasn’t here with him, little Haji wasn’t feeling comfortable of being alone in such a huge space ( much due to his size ), so he just went back to his box and slept until she went back and picked him up. Though he didn’t know why, Saya told him not to play his cello or turn on the TV while she wasn’t here.

The little boy woke up when he heard the door open. A Chevalier’s senses were keener than any hound. He decided to ignore that. He had learnt that if he pretended to be sleeping, his master would hug and caress him until he opened his eyes. Little Haji loved that, especially when it came from his master.

And he closed his eyes, waiting. Normally, the first thing his master did was to open the box and greet him. But today, she was slower than usual. While waiting in the box, little Haji heard noise of footsteps. Too bad, they didn’t seem to come any nearer to his box, which was placed against the wall, next to her bed.

Unfortunately, a Chevalier wasn’t blessed with good patience. Little Haji stood up and opened the box himself, only to be horrified to find out that the figure wasn’t his master. Same slender figure, same porcelain skin but longer hair, much longer. The cent was also different. His master smelled like candy and milk. This person smelled like rose. She was a stranger ! Scared by the thought, little Haji quickly closed the box and lied down, shivering. What would this stranger do if she found him ? Would she eat him ? Would she take him away from his master ?

Diva had successfully sneaked into her sister’s room. She wore sunglasses, pretending that she was on some top secret mission. Watching too much Rambo movies !

“ Nothing’s special “ She thought, with a bit of disappointment. “ She must be hiding something. Must be ! “

Diva wouldn’t give up until she found something. Nothing could stop her undying effort of finding something she wanted to found. Like when she tried to find a pair of shoes that suited her now dress. There she spotted a strange black box. ” When did Saya-neechan get such a box ? ‘

” I wonder whether she is hiding in there ? “The thought rang in her mind as she approached the item.

” What in the world is this ? ” Diva murmured as she saw a strange creature in the box. This was her first time to see something like this. Not even in the movies ! He was about the size of an infant, clad in black suit ( Diva just assumed that was a ‘he’ ). He had long, wavy, dark hair tied in a ponytail with a blue ribbon. Except the tail and ears, he wasn’t much different from a human.

” So that is her little secret ? How could she have something this cute and not telling me ? ” The young, blue-eyed girl was fueled with furious.

” There there little boy, come to mommy !! ”

She picked the creature, only to find him trembling with fear. His eyes shut tight, not daring to look at her.

” Oh, are you scared ? Now now, don’t be ! You’re so cute, you know that. So cute that I want to eat you right away. ”

The very word ‘eat’ stirred him to the core. This girl might have the same face as his master but she was indeed a predator and he would become her prey, without a doubt. Gathering all his strength and courage, little Haji jerked himself free from her captivity and ran with all his speed to the door, which was already open. However, he remembered his master telling him something about not going through the door so he ran back.

” Hey, come back here ! ” The girl shouted with anger. ” I’m not going to eat you. That’s just a way of saying ! ”

She expected him to believe that ? That was just a trap to lure him into her range and catch him. He wasn’t that stupid.

They did a few chasing around the room. Although little Haji had super speed, one of Chevalier’s special abilities, Diva herself wasn’t slow, either. Beside, this room was small. Soon, little Haji found himself standing on the table, trapped between the window behind him and an angry girl in front of him. He had nowhere to run.

” Jeez, you annoying little brat ! ” Diva growled while trying to catch her breath. ” Riku, come in and help me ! ”

” Yes, Diva-neechan. ”

An answer was heard and there came a boy with chestnut hair. He looked nicer then the girl but to little Haji, he was still a threat.

” How cute !! ” The boy’s eyes shone with admiration. ” So, he’s Saya-neechan’s secret. ”

” Yea, and he’s very mean. Trying to run away from me. Let’s get him before Saya-neechan comes home ! ”

Riku looked at the poor creature which was standing defensively on the table. Then, he turned to his sister.

” Neechan, I think you’ve scared him. “Knowing his sister too well, Riku actually felt sorry for little Haji.

” I didn’t ! Come here ! ”

Riku did as he was told and Diva cupped her hand around his ear, in order for little Haji not to hear. ” You distract him and I’ll get him, Ok ? ”

They were wrong. Due to his keen senses, little Haji could hear them, every word. He couldn’t let them catch or else he would never see his master again.

” Hey, he jumped through the window ! ” Riku shouted.

His master told him not to pass through the door but she didn’t tell him not to jump through the window. He got to find a way to escape.

” Oh my god ! This is the second floor and he won’t make it alive. I can’t see this. ” Riku panicked. ” What should we do ? We’ve killed Saya-neechan’s… Er… what should he be called ? ”

Diva, who was always the one with nerve, dared to look out the window. Then, she hit her cowardly brother’s head, hard.

” Stop that ! He hasn’t died …just run away ! ”

” Oh my god ! We’ve lost Saya-neechan’s… er, what should he be called again ? ”

The boy held his head tightly, imagined when his other sister got home and found out what they had done. He was too scared to even remember a big lump that had just appeared on the top of his head, all thanks to Diva’s abuse. Saya was always nicer than Diva but who knew what she would do when she got angry. She would probably tear every of his manga to shred.

” Shut up and let’s go find him ! Say that again and I’ll tear every of your manga to shreds. ”

Diva grabbed Riku’s collar and dragged him out the room. The boy, who was still panicked, couldn’t walk on his own legs.

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