Chapter 12 : Epilogue

“ You know, I have a really bad feeling about this. “ Kai continuously snarled while the three of them was walking along the street. Three days after Haji’s return, they left France, biding farewell to Joel and returned to Okinawa. Since then Kai kept complaining about how his two girls had destroyed his beloved Omoro. Now, the three of them were only two blocks away from Omoro.

“ They’re probably messing up my Omoro. “

“ Snap out of it ! “ It was her turn to snarl. “ You’ve said that roughly 200 times since we stepped on the plane. “

“ 205 times to be exact. Including 5 times in the bathroom. “ With an ever stoic face, Haji stated matter-of-factly.

“ Jeez, I don’t that you CAN joke, Haji ! “ Said Kai, frowning.

“ Things can be learned, right Haji ? “ Saya grinned happily, clinging to her Chevalier’s strong arm. Since having him back to her, the queen decided not to leave him out of her sight for even a minute. Even Kai felt that she was a little obsessive but the said knight seemed to bear no sign of irritation.

“ There’s our Omoro ! “ Saya shouted cheerfully “ I’m starting to miss it. “ But her mood changed abruptly as she saw Omoro overcrowded with people. Not just ordinary people. These people’s outfits were weird as if they were attending a fantasy costume festival. Omoro was so crowded that even its rightful owners could set foot in.

“ Little miss is so cute !! “

“ Way to go !! “

The people here were over excited. They shouted, they applauded, they whistled to the singing voice that came from a sparsely built stage in the center of the restaurant. Having been too familiar with that singing voice, Kai’s eyebrows knitted together. Letting out a loud sigh, he took Saya and Haji’s hand, bravely led them through the sea of people.

“ Excuse me ! Owner of the restaurant here ! “ Shouted Kai.

Once they were in Omoro, they began to understand what exactly was happening. On the stage stood Kai’s two girls, dressing in some ridiculous outfits. Rikku, the girl with blue eyes, clad in all-white dress, her black hair dyed blonde and tied in a ponytail, was singing a song from a famous anime. Her twin sister, Rikka, was accompanying Rikku on the violin. Much to Kai’s shock, Rikka was dressing in an extremely revealing outfit, two fake wings etched to her back, one was white and one was dark green. She also dyed her hair blue. Nearly fainted from watching what they were wearing, especially Rikka’s, Kai dropped his jaw.

“ Oh, they aren’t twins. They’re triplets !! “ A man shouted excitedly as he saw Saya’s face, which was almost identical to Rikka and Rikku’s. He was bold enough to took Saya’s hand.

“ Let go of her hand !! “ Before Saya had a chance to retort, her two Chevaliers spoke loudly in threatening tone. At a result of that, the man immediately released her hand and the crowd all turned back to look at them.

“ Wow, Kai and aunt Saya have come back !! “ Both Rikku and Rikka stopped their performance. “ Why didn’t you tell us to pick you up at the airport ? “

“ I want to give you two a surprise. “ Kai’s face darkened with fury. “ And you guys give me a heart attack ! What’s the meaning of all of these ?? “ Kai pointed to the stage, the decoration on the walls, the people in weird clothes and finally, the girls’ outfits. “ Saber and Dizzy ?! “

“ Only half right, Kai. “ In contrast to her foster father’s, the blue queen’s face did not lose its cheerfulness. “ I’m Saber Lily. But you’re right about Rikka. 100 points ! “

“ Grrr… Is this how you two ‘take care’ of Omoro ? “ Kai growled.

“ Yup ! “ The blue queen raised her thumb up. “ Since we changed it into a Cosplay + Singing restaurant, Omoro has always been crowded with people. Many of them are otaku. “

“ Jeez, with that kind of clothes, no wonder why so many come here ! “ Once again, Kai sent a dead glare to Rikka’s clothes, which were just a little bit above a bikini. “ If you two are on stage, who does the cooking ? “

“ Joel and David. Mostly Joel since David has to work at the hospital. Joel cooks very well. “ Rikku proudly complimented her Chevalier boyfriend.

“ After three times unsuccessfully burnt the kitchen and four times chopped off his fingers while practicing Yan-can-cook. “ Added Rikka.

“ This must be the ‘cool guy’. A lot more handsome than Kai. See, Rikku, I won the bet. “

Haji blushed slightly at the compliment but managed to keep his calm face. “ Thank you. “ He said.

“ Don’t try to change the subject ! “ Kai glared.

“ No, not at all. What I mean is that we have more cosplayers. Aunt Saya can be… let me see… Lilim-chan !! Saya and the ‘cool guy’ may cosplay… er… “

“ I think I’ll pass. “ Saya smile sheepishly.

“ Don’t even think about it !! I want my old Omoro back !! BACK !! “

“ Nah, Kai’s so uptight. Things’re going well. “

While Kai and his daughters were busy arguing with each other, Saya took Haji’s hand, leading him to her room upstairs.

“ That’s not going to end any time soon. Say, Haji, let me give you a warm and loving ‘welcome-home’ “. Saya winked mischievously, which Haji understood immediately.

“ If that is what you wish. “


Note : The end of my long fic 😀 ( also my first complete Blood+ fic ). Feel so relief ^^. At first, it was supposed to be a sad fic, but I ended up putting a few hilarious scenes.

In case you didn’t know :

Saber : One of the main characters of Fate/Stay Night series. A pretty girl with petit body, blonde hair and blue eyes. A long blue dress with silver armor is her trademark. Saber Lily is Saber who dressed in a different white dress who has her appearance in Fate/Unlimited Codes, a fighting game based on Fate/Stay Night. Saber Lily is a fanservice ^^

Dizzy : : One of the main characters of Guilty Gear fighting game series. A pretty girl with long blue hair and red eyes. She wears the most controversial outfit of the series, very sexy in my POV. She has two wings with different colors that represent her contrary powers.

Lilim : The heroine of manga Lilim Kiss. A young and cute succubus who steals men’s energy through sweet kisses.

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