Chapter 11 : Welcome home

Kai kneeled down before an unconscious Haji, carefully examined the Chevalier; Saya, on the other hand,was still shocked at all the things had happened. Rubbing his beardless chin like a scholar, Kai finally gave his thoughtful remark :

“ This is a severe case of blood loss, probably a result of not having drunk blood in a long period. That happened when I forgot that drinking blood is very essential for my existence. My wounds healed at an extremely low pace. “

“ Wounds ? Don’t tell me you got into fights ? “ The look on Saya’s face was very comical.

“ No, fighting is not doing any good to my business at Omoro. I don’t even remember the last time I got into a fight. I got wounds while practicing Yan-can-cook. “ Kai grinned dully. “ It took years to master his chopping skill, you know. If it hadn’t been because of my healing ability, I would have lost some of my fingers 10- no, 15 times. “

Normally, Otonashi Saya was calm when it came to blood and gore but the thought of the food Kai had prepared for her made her feel sick all of sudden.

“ Anyway, some blood may improve his condition. Unfortunately, I carried no blood bags with me. We need to bring Haji back to Joel’s house. “ Kai lifted one of Haji’s arm over his shoulders. “ This guy’s a little bit heavy. “

“ No, we don’t. “ Saya replied blankly.

“ Huh ? “

“ I’ll give him my blood. Right here“

Nathan’s mysterious words were ringing in her mind : “ The queen’s blood can change everything. “ Saya had not fully understood those words but now, they became as clear as day. The queen knew exactly what she had to do to save her dear Chevalier.

Kai witnessed the process of blood transfusion with a confused look on his face. He had seen it before, with Riku’s transformation but he had been so panic and worried to think of anything else besides saving his little brother’s life. So, this time was almost like his first time to watch it in such a close distance. If Kai had to describe this moment in an adjective, what word would he choose ? Erotic. Yes, erotic. Saya took the blood from an open wound in her palm and transferred all the blood into Haji’s mount so carefully that not a single drop was waste. Then, she waited a few seconds, making sure that Haji had swallowed and repeated. “ Did Saya have to do this when she made Haji her Chevalier ? “ Kai wondered. Not that he disapproved of it but compared to his moment of transformation into a Chevalier, with a cold blood bag instead of fresh hot blood taken from Saya’s vein, Kai felt his heart fill up with a little bit of unfairness.

If there was one thing stranger than the blood transfusion, that would Haji’s way of reacting after taking the first sip. He opened his eyes widely but in them reflected no sanity. He hastily took Saya’s hand and began licking the blood from her wound hungrily in nearly beast-like manner. For the first time in his life, the faithful Chevalier had revealed his Chiropteran nature to his queen, which she accepted it with no fear or disgust. In fact, her eyes glowed brightly red and her lips parted slightly as if she was having her climax. Kai suddenly felt an urge to turn his eyes away from the sight. It was not so moral to keep watching.

This sensuous scene ended sooner than Kai had thought. The raging flame in Saya’s eyes extinguished when Haji letted go of her hand and fell soundlessly to the ground, back to his previous unconscious state. Silence filled the space.

“ When I saw you and him in the lab, I thought he was trying to…er, you know. “ Feeling uneasy with the awkward silence, Kai managed to break the ice.

However, his sister was not in the mood for responding to his joke as she was focusing on her Chevalier’s figure. A few minutes had passed and much to Saya’s terror, his body was writhing in pain, like when she had given him her blood, freezing his time forever. In the dark knight, his growl was enough to horrify the boldest person.

“ What’s wrong with him ? “ Asked Kai with panic.

“ I don’t know, just hold him down ! This is the first time he has taken my blood since he became my Chevalier. “ Replied Saya, who was not calmer than her brother.

“ Maybe the blood’s taking effect. “

“ Then why he’s reacting so violently. “

The pair struggled with Haji for a while until the Chevalier calmed down. Sweeping her sweaty forehead with the back of her sleeve, Saya exhaled a sigh of relief.

“ Finally. “

“ Saya, look at him !! “ Kai pointed to the Chevalier lying on the ground.

Their eyes widened in disbelief as they witnessed Haji’s transformation.

Sunlight struck his eyes and he was forced to wake up only to find a terrible pain was dominating him. His head ached, his chest ached, no, every cells of his body were aching and he felt hot, like there was a flame raging inside him. He placed his hand on his forehead, trying to recollect his vague memories. He could only remember he had lost conscious due to serious blood loss and the warmth of Saya’s embrace. Beside those, nothing more.

The second thing came to his sense after his awakening was the comfortable softness under his head. Soon he realized that he was lying on a large bed, with his head resting on his queen’s lap. She was sitting, her back was supported by the headboard, her beautiful eyes shut tightly . She must have been exhausted from taking care of him all night. Look at her face from such a short distance, the Chevalier’s heart was burdened with guilty pleasure. On one hand, he blamed himself for making her tired but on the other hand, he enjoyed resting on her lap, the finest pillow that could ease the pain he was suffering.

At the same time, he felt bitter as he recalled his current state and the appalled look when she had seen his body, a look which was so contrary to the peaceful one she was having now. It was a sin to destroy such an innocent beauty.

“ Ohaiyou. Did you sleep well ? “ Even with a sleepy face, the queen’s smile was bewitching.

“ Last night, you collapsed. Kai and I carried you to Joel’s house.”

“ Please forgive me for making you worried. “ Haji quickly sat up and searched for his cloak but he found none .

“ What’re you doing ? “

“ I’m looking for my cloak. “ He replied.

“ Why ? “

“ I’m afraid you will be scared with my look. “

“ You’re such a tight head ! “ The queen gave a sharp remark. “ Still worrying about your look ? “

Haji remained silent. But judging by the way he humbly lowered his head, eyes avoiding contact with hers and all the years they spent with each other, Saya could easily assumed that was a ‘yes’.

“ Didn’t I tell you last night that it doesn’t matter how you look like, I still want you by my side ? You don’t trust me ? “

“ It’s not like that… just… “

His sentence was abruptly interrupted by Saya’s sigh.

“ Silly ! There’s a mirror on the wall, why don’t you take a look at yourself ! “

Now that she mentioned it, he realized that there was indeed a big mirror at the corner of the room, quite far from their bed. It gave him a fright, reminding him how much he hated his monstrous figure. But Saya’s order was far above that fright.

Everytime he looked at himself, he saw the same distorted face, blood red eyes. But this time, something entirely different came to his view. Were his eyes not deceiving him ? Was he still in a dream ? What he saw was the young man who he thought to have died years and years ago. The face of his own. But the miracle did not just happen to his face. His whole body had taken back its human form.

A pair of porcelain arms wrapped his waist from behind so tightly that he could feel the curve of her breasts at his back. Soft hands mischievously crept up his chest, to the place his heart, which was beating with a rapid pace, rested. Delicate fingers unbuttoned his plain shirt and caressed his smooth skin.

“ Marvelous, isn’t it ? “ Saya whispered. “ If I had known my blood was able to create such wonder, I would have given you my blood a long time ago.”

“ Say, are you satisfied ? “

Haji turned around so that he could rest his chin on her head, his arms returned the favor.

“ Forgive me ! “

“ Dare to leave me again and I’ll kill you. For I can’t live without you. “ In a murderous but enchanting tone Saya spoke.

“ Unless if that is what you wish. “ The first time in thirty years, Haji was able show a smile from the bottom of his heart.

“ I kind of miss that phrase. So, if my wish is to punish you, what is your answer ? “

“ If that is what… Urg “ His sentence was cut off as his lips were sealed by her gorgeous ones. He was startled at first but soon surrendered to her burning passion. While transferring all her love and miss into that kiss, Saya managed to maneuver them both to the large and luxurious bed.

Their lips parted all of sudden as Saya pushed Haji so hard that he fell, laying on the bed in bewilderment.

“ Saya… “ He attempted to sit up.

He attempted to sit up but was again pushed back to the bed. Saya crawled over him like a fierce lioness to her delicious prey, eyes glowing dangerously. Saya placed a hand on his bare chest, pinning him against the mattress with a surprisingly strong force; her other hand caught his chin, making him look straight into her eyes, which he had already done. Had she gone berserk again ?

“ Prepare yourself, Haji! For you will have to suffer my punishment. “

Haji sweated and gulped at her threatening words.

“ If that is what you wish. “


Note : Technically, this is the final chapter of Anata ni aitai :D. But I plan to have a short chapter as its epilogue. Have to type it before my military course starts +___+

Anyway, it’s great pleasure writing the erotic scenes 😀 . I kind of like Saya when Saya goes berserk, with her eyes glowing and she treats Haji with violence ( perverted me ). So, I decided to let her go a little bit berserk. Go, Saya ! Punish him ! Make him suffer !! Fangirl’s yell

In case you didn’t know, Yan-can-cook is a cooking show hosted by Yan, a Chinese skillful chef who lives in the US. The most remarkable skill of his is chopping with a rapid pace while still looking and smiling at the camera, without cutting his own fingers ‘___’. That’s what Kai tried to master :D. Luckily, he succeeded.

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