Chapter 1 : Thirty Years Later

I don’t own Blood+ or any characters in this series ( just the name of Diva’s twins )

When she slept, she dreamt of many things. She dreamt of her twin sister, whom she had killed with her own hands; of their battle which lasted for a century. She dreamt of people whom she had met in her life, both friends and foes. She dreamt of her family, of her father, of her brother Kai and Riku, of their death.

Strangely, she often dreamt of death. The death of those who died protecting her, of those who died because of her. They scared her, reminded her of how terrible she had been. At times like that, she often reached out for a pair of arms. Those arms would hold her tightly; those fingers, long and slender, would surely wipe away her tears. She would feel safe in those arms, since they were his arms.

She usually dreamt of him, too. Of their long and dreadful journey. The moments she had shared with him, although sad and painful, were what kept her from being devoured by darkness and insanity.

But, the last dream she had, was his death.


It had been so long since her eyes were struck by lights, sun lights; so long since her body felt something else warm beside her cocoon. And so long since her tongue tasted the hot liquid. Sweet and vigorous. The only thing in this world that could awake her, as well as her power. The blood of her Chevalier.

He waited for her to finish her feast, patiently. This moment, although seemed erotic, was truly blissful for a Chevalier.

” It has been a while, Saya.” He said while wrapping his arms around her naked body. Soon realizing that was odd, holding her in this state, he quickly took of his jacket to cover her. “I miss you so much.”

She could feel the hot tears rolling down her bare chest, right next to her heart. She knew this voice. It belonged to one of those she had loved and vowed to protect. The only living member of her human family.

“Kai…” She asked, startled, not only by the return of her memories, but also by his look. From what she remembered, she had slept for thirty years, therefore, Kai should have been in his late forties. And from what she knew about human, a person in his late forties wouldn’t look like this. So young. The Kai in front of her wasn’t any older than the image she had stored in her mind. There could only be one explanation for this…

“Surprised ?” Kai tightened his arms around her. ” Who knows Julia’s theory works beautifully in the end.”

“But Kai, how could you…?”

“Not so long after you went into hibernation, I decided to become your Chevalier.” Kai replied, cutting her off. “By that, not only were I able to take care of Rikka and Rikku, I could wait for you as well. Besides…”

“How could you become my Chevalier ? You were supposed to…”

“Drink your blood, right ? Julia kept some of your blood for further experiment. It was quite a risk, you know.” Kai added a small chuckle.” Having most of my blood removed and betting on a cold blood bag of yours. It succeeded anyway. I can maintain my human form, gain some new strengths,which I’m not sure how to make use of, and awake you.”


” No ‘but’. It was my own decision, my own will. It’s none of your fault or anything like that. I won’t regret it so, don’t blame it on yourself, Ok ?” Kai reassured her.

“Where is he ? Where is Haji ?” Questioned Saya as she looked around, searching for a familiar figure. However, it was just the two of them…and a pink rose.

” Oh ? You brought it here ?”

“No.” Kai shook his head half-attempting to avoid her eyes. “Every year, when I came here to check on you, I always found a pink rose. It seems….he did come here as well, to visit you.”

“This rose…when we were at the Zoo…” Her delicate body trembled as she couldn’t hold her tears any longer. “When we were young…the first thing he gave me was a pink rose…”

Knowing that her beloved Chevalier was still alive was enough for her. Too many people, too many had died because of her. Death seemed to follow her everywhere she went, taking away those she hold so dear. However, he had overcome death to come back for her. She knew she could always depend on her ever-faithful Chevalier.

“If he was alive,why didn’t he come here to see me ?”

“He had…something…to do” Kai knew that he was never a good liar, man or Chevalier, not to mention the fact that he was lying to his sister, who had just become his queen.

“Tell me the truth, Kai !” Saya demanded, her eyes locking into his, all anticipating for an answer.

“Why don’t we go home and have a meal ? Everybody’s there for you. You don’t want to keep them waiting, do you ?”

“Just tell me, Kai! I know that you’re hiding something from me.” Her eyes started turning blood red, which caused the Chevalier blood in his veins unable to resist her. Now he knew why Haji had never disobeyed her before, not even when she asked him to take away her life with his hands. It was the Chevalier’s instinct from the first place.

“Ok, I’ll tell you. He did come here and left a rose, with a blue ribbon tied on it.” Kai took the object out of his pocket.” It’s his, right ? That same night, he came to the Omoro to take his cello case and to ask me to take good care of you. And, he left. Since then, I haven’t seen him once, not even sensed his presence. Actually, that night, I didn’t see him, either. Just his voice. I tried to catch up with him, but my skill as a Chevalier couldn’t match his. Guess I have to keep training, huh ? I’m sorry that I couldn’t make him stay.”

“No, it’s not your fault. I’m just…disappointed to find that he wasn’t the first one I saw when I opened my eyes. Not that I don’t miss you, Kai…It’s just….” Saya’s eyes returned to their normal color, which seemed to release Kai from his invisible pressure.

“It’s just that you love him and want him to be with you, am I right ?” Kai finished it off for her. “Don’t worry, I understand that. Man, he’s just one damn lucky guy who earns the love of our ‘queen’ ” Seeing his sister blush a little, Kai patted her on the head.” You haven’t changed at all.”

“So have you.”

“Kai, I’ll wait for him, right here” Said Saya with determination. “Tell everybody that I’m sorry. I have to wait for him, like he has waited for me for many years.”

“Can’t argue with you, can I ?” But…what if he doesn’t show up ? Kai kept this thought for himself, not wanting to hurt his queen’s feelings.

“At least, change into your clothes. After you’re done, I’ll give you a hair cut.”

“This time, I want my hair long. A small change may surprise him.”

“As you wish, my queen.”

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