Sequel to Choices

Rating : K

Characters : Alicia, Rufus

Genre : Fantasy, Romance

Pairing : AliciaXRufus

Preview : Ragnarok has come to bestow death upon him and the king of god gladly accepted it. However, death is not the end, it is only the beginning. Never did he know fate had already prepared something else for him.

Ragnarok. The destruction of all beings in the nine realms. He had tried his best to prevent it from coming. He had worked so hard to preserve the world’s order. He had kept his promise with her. And now, it came. Ragnarok was not something meant to be postponed forever.

He had fought so valiantly. To protect what had been left on the land once known as Asgard. But it seemed that he was destined to fail. Gungnir slipped from his lifeless hand, fell to the ground like a piece of metal. It, too, had fulfilled its duty. From the first day he had taken Odin’s throne, he had known so well that someday, he would replace Odin’s position in the chain of fate. He had lived, with no hope of rebirth, to fulfill her final wish.

The jaws of Fenrir dug into his flesh, its sharp fangs tore apart his internal organs. His blood stained the blessed ground of Asgard in beautiful scarlet flowers. Not a “pretty” death, was it ? He swore he felt no pain at all. It was actually… good. To finally escape from the boring title of “king of the gods”. His vision blurred, the last thing he could see was Freya down on her knees, pure terror reflected in her beautiful blue eyes. How ironic that she shed tears for him, someone she always wished to get rid of.


He was pretty sure that he had died. But now, he found himself in a strange place, surrounded by whiteness. Pure white. His outfit was also changed, no longer the “pajamas” of king of the gods ( Freya seemed to have a thing for pajamas, since she always made him wear that stupid outfit ), but the clothes he had once wore, years and years ago. On hid forehead, his crown was nowhere to be found, having replaced by the red bandanna he had once used to cover his elf-ears. If one thing didn’t change, then it was definitely his ring. Rufus was glad to see the black metal ring on his finger, ruby still gleaming as usual.

The outfit was not the only thing that startled him. The scene around him started to change magically. Streets and houses were formed to present him a bustling town. People walked the street, talking, buying things, no one paid a slightest attention to him, like he was something invisible. It took him a few minutes to recall the name of the town, which looked somewhat familiar to him. Solde- he finally figured out the name. But, why Solde ?

The scene changed again and again, form Solde to Audola Temple of the lake, from Surts Volcano Cavern to the Forest of Spirits, from the top of Yggdrasil to the hall of Valhalla. It stopped at the chamber at the top of Lezard’s tower. Each place contained many unforgettable memories of him being with her. Somehow, the dark, ruined palace of Surts Volcano Cavern was event more beautiful than the magnificent hall of Valhalla, as long as he could be with his princess.

To much of his surprise, a voice raised from nowhere, soft, beautiful and so familiar, a sound that haunted him everytime he closed his eyes.

_ I’ve been waiting.

_ Alicia ?

Ether started to form a young woman clad in white armor. She left her shoulders bare, pearl-like skin made his heart dance in crazy rhythm. White dress covered her lower half to her knees, long slits revealed hint of her thighs. Her big, baby blue eyes looked straight at his green ones. Her lips curved into the most ravishing smile he had ever seen.

His vision blurred as tears rolled down . This had to be some kind of torture Hel specially prepared for him. Alicia had died and been reborn years ago. And yet, kept telling himself that could not prevent tears from rolling down his cheeks.

_ Alicia… why… No, it can’t be… you have already….

Alicia always knew the best way to silent him. Her lips sealed against his in the most passionate kiss. Rufus was surprised to feel hot liquid on his skin, a proof that she was crying too.

_ I’ve been waiting for the day you come. The queen didn’t lie to me.

Rufus took a few steps back as he heard the word “queen”. Alicia looked at him, confusion filled her blue orbs.

_ “Queen” ? What “queen” ? Go back and tell Hel to do any kind of torture she wants on me, but do not stain her image !

_ I am Alicia. Don’t you recognize me, Rufus ?

Alicia took several steps forward in order to stay close to him. As a result of that, Rufus only stepped back further.

_ Yeah, then prove it !! His voice turned harsh, just like the first time his secret had been revealed to her, to everyone.

Alicia didn’t answer. In stead, she lifted his left hand and gently placed a kiss on the ruby, the same way the Valkyrie had done at her last moment. Letting go off his hand, Alicia cupped her hands around his cheeks, fingers wiping away his tears.

_ If that’s really you, then why ? And the girl I once met at Coriander ?

_After having separated from Silmeria, Hrist and Lenneth, I found myself here, at this world, the Seraphic gate. The queen offered me a choice to stay here, to be one of her angel and… to wait for you. A part of my soul might have stayed on Midgard and became that girl. Just like a part of Silmeria’s soul had given birth to me.

Placing his hand on her left bosom, right in her heart, Alicia continued :

_ But my soul, my spirit, my love… stayed here to wait for the day to be united with you.

His face felt hot, all of sudden, of which the cause he didn’t really know. He hadn’t blushed for a life time and now, when he did, it felt so strange. From under his palm, he could hear her heartbeats, each danced in a joyful rhythm, each was just form him. His princess was still alive and right in front of his very eyes. She wasn’t a ghost, she wasn’t an illusion, she was an angel to come and join him in the afterlife. If this was all a dream, then he would never want to wake up. If this was a kind of torture, then he would ask for more. With Alicia in his arms, even the flame of Hel was just a warm breeze.

_ I had kept my promise to you. I had tried my best to preserve the world’s peace.

_ I knew it all. You’ve done such a good job. To complete her compliment, she went on tiptoe to seal her lips against his once more. Her arms wrapped around his neck, kept him trapped in her embrace.

_ Wow ! You’ve changed. A lot ! he said through his breath, lips ready for a new kiss. His arms tightened around her waist in return. He was even brave enough to touch her little lower. She just giggled, the beautiful sound echoed in the chamber. It seemed that time had given them a lot more confidence.

_ So have you !

_ Such a beautiful world you’ve created ! He commented.

_ Thank you ! I just wanted to keep all of our memories alive. Just for you. Now- Alicia took his hand in her smaller one. The scene around them started to change- come to see my world, our world !

_ My pleasure ! Rufus returned with a smile, letting her teleport them from scene to scene, knowing deeply that, this time, no thing or no one would tear them apart.

Sometime, death was just a beginning.


[ Note : One of my most favorite fic ( along with The sun ). From the first time I finished VP2, I’ve always thought of some way for Alicia and Rufus to be united. Lenneth and Lucian managed to find a way to be with each other again at the end of VP1 ( not very logically to me, I mean, how could Lenneth revive someone whose soul was already destroyed ?? Yeah, yeah, keep blabbering about that power of creation. If that power really worked, then Freya would definitely revive Odin ). How ironic it was, Alicia and Rufus, who’d been through thick and thin from the beginning of the game, got themselves a very bad ending compared to Lenneth and Lucian’s ( more reason for me to hate Lu and LennXLu pairing >< ). About the last sentence, it was much like from “The Mummy”. Can’t blame me for watching too much movies, right ? And the title ‘Angel’, I had a reason for that. Alicia is the first ( and maybe the only ) moe-type girl that I really like. Golden hair, big blue eyes, cute voice ( can’t imagine that her seiyuu is the same as Diva’s ), and not to mention her color is PURE WHITE. What can’t I say more ? Angel, of course ( though I don’t really prefer angels )

Anyway, thanks for reading my blabbering ^^ ]

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