A Togainu no Chi Fanfiction

Rating : T ( for violence, language and innuendos )

Pairing : ShikiXAkira

Genre : Romance

Characters : Akira, Shiki

Preview :  To most people, death is the most horrifying thing. But to a certain youth, death may be the only escape from his current situation. If death was to free him from that man’s grasp, then so be it.



Preview : “If you hate me that much, how about trying to preserve your life so that you’ll have the chance to take my head when the time comes ?”


He never expected the afterlife to look like this.

His surrounding environment was a monochromatic grey, a color strikingly similar to that of the room in which Shiki had confined him. The fact that he could remember this much meant that the memories of his past life had not been erased. That was indeed a real shame since the last thing he wanted was to keep all the haunting images of Shiki and bring them with him to the next life.

His eyesight was a tad blurry and a terrible fatigue firmly bound his body to the mattress beneath him; he also realized he was lying on some sort of mattress since it felt soft and quite pleasant to his back. He tried to move his limbs but they were heavy beyond belief; had he somehow, on the dying process, ended up with a boulder tied to each of his limb ? Was this how death felt like to a person ? Before, he was pretty sure he should have felt nothing since his body, which related to physical sensations, had been left behind. His soul should have achieved true freedom and his mind should have been blank like an unwritten sheet. He should have forgotten even his own name.  Yet what was he having at the moment ? Despite the dizzy that was chewing at his brain and the fatigue mauling his body, if what he saw could still be called ‘body’, his memories and sensations remained in starkly perfect state.

If this was really death then it was nothing akin to his perception.

If he was to try hard, he might manage to lift up his hand. Slowly, his trembling hand was brought up to meet his gaze. His heart skipped a beat when what greeted his sight was the white of bandage. The pure color had been profoundly tainted with large, shapeless blood stain. His blood, no doubt. That somehow explained the weariness in his body. Beneath the cloth cover, the flesh where he had cut open with shard of glass ached with a dull pain. When he tried to move his pale, almost transparent fingers, they felt rigid and numb as if they belonged to someone else. Putting all the small details together, he formed a conclusion that his attempt of suicide had failed.

“Such foolish act you have committed.”

A voice raised in the air, coldly cutting his thought, each word dripping with cruelty and unwavering confidence. This was the voice that continuously haunted him in every of his waking moment, the voice of the man who had brutally forced his ownership on Akira.


Along with the voice, a figure clad in black came to his bed. When he looked up, his smokey-blue eyes met burning crimson orbs. That was only a mere, simple encounter, yet it was enough to make the inside of his body shudder. How could the eyes of a human possess such power ?

With no reservation, Shiki held out his hand and touched Akira’s forehead, brushing away his long, unruly bang. Strangely, he felt warm. Was it because Shiki’s normal temperature went up or his own temperature had decreased too much that he actually felt Shiki’s cool skin warm ? Either way, it was not a bad sensation.

“You broke the window, cut yourself and made a real mess out of the bed. For a pet, you are truly terrible.”

His act might appear gentle, still, in his speech, heartless sarcasm was never absent.

Emotions could create wonders, someone had said. Just a few minutes ago, Akira could not even move his body. Yet, in a surge of anger swelling up in the depth of his heart, Akira pushed himself up from his lying position, momentarily forgetting about his wound. As expected, a scorching agony harshly reminded him of his condition. New blood oozed from the mouth of the cut which required more time than a few hours to close.

“I advise you not to put more force into your hand or else we’ll have a hard time dealing with it later.” Upon seeing Akira’s expression distorted with pain, Shiki calmly spoke.

“It’s not your damn concern !” Akira managed to raise his voice in a hoarse tone. “Why did you, of all everything, save me ?”

“I didn’t save you.” Shiki corrected. “What I did was merely fixing my property, which, out of sheer stupidity, damaged itself.”

“I’m not your damn property ! I’d rather die than having to put up with your humiliation day after day. I’m sick of being your toy ! I’m sick of being caged and treated like a fucking animal ! I’m sick of your face ! I’m sick of your shameless touches ! I’m sick of you !”

Rage bursted out fiercely, uncontrollably like a tidal wave, threatening to sweep away all pitiful beings on the shore. His pain being swept away, his condition being swept away, even his rationality being swept away. He did not care about his injury nor did he care about the following consequences, about Shiki’s punishments; right now, all he wanted was to vent his frustration, his anger on the man who had robbed his pride and freedom. He wanted to give Shiki a piece of his mind.

Shiki listened to Akira with unusual serenity. In his red, shining irises bore not the slightest sign of fury; instead, there was a twinkling mischievous like he was amused by Akira’s tantrum.

“You’re done ?”

As if teasing, as if mocking, Shiki smiled at Akira, whose face had become flushed and breath had become quick pants. His outburst of emotions had dried off what was left in his already exhausted body. Weariness filled his being to the brim yet his mind was at ease since all that had been troubling him was released in that fit of anger. He badly wanted a rest; nevertheless, knowing Shiki, the ruthless man would not allow him a peaceful rest after what Akira had done.

Shiki reached out his hand to Akira, his ungloved skin was an antagonistic comparison to the darkness outside the room. His long fingers seized Akira’s chin firmly but not too violently; therefore the youth experienced little discomfort. With Shiki’s hand holding his face in such angle, Akira was made to look straight into Shiki’s eyes which seemed to pierce through his façade, to the deepest of his core. In those eyes, Akira looked at his own reflection, anxious, weak, trembling. Those eyes, beautiful yet seething as if they contained in themselves the flame of Abyss, seemed to suck out the quivering soul of Akira. The longer he looked into Shiki’s eyes, the more he found himself mesmerized by their hauntingly mysterious glow. He could not help but expose his weakest part to the man he least wanted to expose.

Unable to bear the searing tension Shiki had brought upon him with a mere look, Akira nervously averted his sight to Shiki’s hand, tracing the outline of his fingers. Long and delicate yet strong and merciless, Akira wondered how much blood of fallen victims had marred this seemingly flawless skin ?

Shiki was not human. Though he hated to admit it, his master was the living embodiment of every of mortal’s fears, yet on the other hand, every of a mortal’s primitive desires.

His hand held Akira’s jaw, his face leaned closer in a dangerously close distance, his breath ghosted warmly over Akira’s lips, his voice whispered into Akira’s ears, seductively, demandingly.

“You careless threw your tantrum at me, not caring about the consequence. That brave act kind of impresses me.”


All of sudden, Shiki’s torso wrestled Akira down the bed. His weight was a chain that bound Akira to the mattress underneath, effectively extinguished any attempt of resistance from the helpless boy.

“However, you chose death to escape from the reality. That was obviously a sign of cowardice.”

Akira’s temples twitched at Shiki’s taunting remark. If there was something Akira detested more than Shiki’s abuse, it would be being labeled a coward.

“I’m not… I’m just sick of you.”

“If you hate me that much, how about trying to preserve your life so that you’ll have the chance to take my head when the time comes ?”

Akira was shocked at Shiki’s straightforwardness. Was he too confident in his skills that he believed Akira could never win against him ? Or he conceived that Akira would never kill him despite his profound hatred for the arrogant man ? That was the most ridiculous of all ridicules. As soon as he had the chance, he would never hesitate to take Shiki’s life. Definitely. Akira had utmost faith in his resolution.

Shiki’s wicked smile crept up his lips as his fingers traced Akira’s lips, softly, gently.

“Tell me… will you be able to kill me once the chance is in your hand ?”


Shiki’s hand freely roamed over Akira’s chest and abdomen, never stayed at one place for too long, lingered for a moment to heat up the sensitive skin then moved. Against his will, his body submitted to the skillfulness of Shiki’s molestation. It was an unneeded distraction to Akira’s effort on concentration. Understanding this particular weakness of Akira, the man proceeded to take advantage of it. Apparently, he was in success as the boy’s lips opened in breathless pants but hardly any words were formed.


“What ? I can’t hear you.”

All his sensual touches ceased as his hand stopped dead on its track. To match the change, his seductive tone turned to that of dead seriousness. Again, his hand grabbed Akira’s jaw.

“I only want to know whether you take my head when you have the chance.”

“ I-I hate you, Shiki. One day…one day for sure, I’ll kill you with my own hands.”

Gathering his will and courage, Akira spoke at once. He spoke swift manner, as if he was afraid he would be overwhelmed with hesitation. Ironically, while he kept telling himself that he despised Shiki to the core, that he wanted Shiki’s death more than anything and he would gladly deliver the man’s final blow, he had to use up all his will to suppress the hesitation which was unknowingly lurking in his heart. When Akira thought he had hardened his resolution, Shiki proved to him otherwise. With his mind clouded by physical need, his heart also wavered. Little by little, without Akira’s notice, with everytime Shiki violated his body, the man deliberately dulled his fighting spirit, to the point it became a rusty knife which could not harm even a strand of his raven hair.

The scarlet in Shiki’s irises flashed an unfathomable thought before shifted back to its familiar sadism.

“Good. That’s what I want to hear from your mouth. Burning hatred, soaring spirit, unrivaled valor. There’s nothing that disgusts me more than gutless dogs.”

His head bended down his lips captured Akira’s in breathless encounter.

“However, until that day, you’ll remain my toy, my pet, my slave. My affection for you will continue pushing you to the edge of insanity, testing your persistence. If you can overcome them all, I’ll be waiting for the moment you end my existence.”

His declaration sent utmost chills down Akira’s spine. His mind lost its rationality as Shiki’s strong arms forcefully embraced his shivering figure.

Once trapped in those arms, Akira was unable to think of anything. Not Keisuke’s death, not his own shame, not his hatred for Shiki. At the moment, all that floated in his intoxicated mind was a sweet fatigue and the mysterious glow of Shiki’s irises.


Well, that’s the end of chapter 2. Look out for the next chapter 😀

Thank you so much for your comments. They motivate me to write more for this wonderful couple.

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