“You are one lucky man to have such a lovely flower in your company.”

A taunting voice echoed from above; its speaker unseen.

The pair of Servants took an alarm when they sensed the third’s presence. They did not have to wait for too long because the questioned Servant soon appeared in front of them, at the temple gate. A warrior of grace and elegance but a sour example of his class: Assassin.

The samurai was quick to notice the readiness for battle in the knight’s seemingly relaxed stance. A soft smile graced his lips as the smurai’s piercing blue eyes were fixed on the champion of the Fianna, seeing him and him alone.

“If I had a flower that lovely by my side, I would be just as tense.”

“Watch it samurai. Though we are bound by the prohibition of combat, I will not scurry back from battle if you so insist.”

Diarmuid’s golden eyes darkened with menace in response to Assassin’s taunt.

“Duel is fine to me, if it would decide who deserves this fine flower. What do you say, right here, right now?”

To Assassin’s challenge, a pair of twin lances materialized in answer. It was at this moment that Medusa, who had been keeping her silence, spoke:

“Try your taunts on other Servants, Assassin. The two of us don’t have spare time to play your game. But if you insist, I’ll take your challenge anytime.”

Medusa quickly grabbed Diarmuid’s arm, walking them away and leaving both men no chance to retort. Though she did not look, she was certain the samurai was sporting a look of disappointment. As was her lover. Men and their silly game, she thought. Whatever they want, I won’t allow my date to be ruined.

“I know you don’t want to break the rule but that man’s blatant flirts should not go unpunished.”

“Assassin did not aim at me. His target was you all along.”

Diarmuid was dumbstruck at her revelation.

“Assassin flirts with every females coming to his gate, Servants and humans alike. He never pushes if he notices his target’s lack of interest.”

“And he only wanted to provoke me to a duel?”

“Took you long enough to figure it out.” She quipped.

“Many times he expresses his wish to fight a dual-wielder. He earnestly desires to battle you, upon learning that you are one. A fine one to boost.”

“If a warrior yearns for a duel with me, as a knight, I should answer his challenge.”

Medusa looked into his golden eyes filled with excitement and heaved a sigh. Men were such childish and stubborn creatures.

“Not while we’re on a date, ok?”

Though she had had his consent, she could hardly enjoyed her date while her partner’s mind was obviously drifting somewhere near the temple gate, where a certain Servant stood guarding day and night.

Needless to say her bed would be unoccupied tonight.

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