Tank top- Hickeys- Ownership

Fuyuki is famous for its harsh winter. However, the majority of its citizens know that the summer rivals the winter in severity.

It was only 9:00 in the morning and the sun was already high. The heat was almost unbearable, even for a Servant whose body was “not of this world”. Diarmuid tried not to blame his terrible luck that he had had no idea today happened to be the hottest day of the month. Had he known, the knight of the Fianna would definitely have asked her out on another day. Ignorance was not a bliss, sometimes.

She was only a few minutes late. For many women, that was already a wonder.

Much to his surprise, Medusa appeared in a black tank top that partly shown her belly button. Her lower body was covered by a pair of ripped jeans that left a considerable area of her flesh uncovered. This present image of her so heavily contrasted with her usual conservative look that her lover was left to stand in bewilderment.

“It’s really hot today”. She uttered a nonchalant remark while fanning herself with her flamboyant cap. As if it was not out of the normal for her to don this attire.

His eyes caught the marks littering her throat, her collar and her bosom. It was hard not to, considering how they stood out against her porcelain skin. Blood rushed to his face as he recalled the culprit who was responsible for those marks.

She followed his gaze and immediately understood.

She paid it no mind.

“Let others know I’m unavailable.”

She smiled and caught a hold of his arm, pulling her bewildered lover away, into the crowd.

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