Photo shoot-Model-Offer

They knew they attracted attention wherever they went. It was never comfortable with people’s eyes following them and their whispers and comments directed at them but the couple learned to get accustomed to it gradually.

Never before had they been asked to model for a photo shoot. A man quickly approached the couple; a camera hung around his sturdy neck and a gleeful smile on his stubble face. To the pair of confused Servants, a business card was shown.

It probably took all the photographer’s wits to have the skeptical couple’s agreement on modeling for a photo shoot. Once it was done, they refused to give their names but the man’s persistence finally won them over. Heck if he was not one hell of photographer.

A few days later, Diarmuid and Medusa were bombarded with phone calls. Some clergymen from the Church warned them about the risk of exposing their identity and nature as Servants. Some fellow Servants called in curiosity. Shirou and Sakura called to question about the reason for their names to appear under a series of photographs in the new publication of a rather famous wedding magazine. After a lengthy explanation, the teenagers calmed down at last.

The couple agreed not to get involved in any kinds of photo shooting ever again.

Some weeks after the incident, a cheque was sent to their door, together with an offer for another modeling job. They took the cheque and disposed the letter.

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