Without a sign, without a warning, her arms intertwined around his neck.

One moment earlier, she was dozing soundlessly on the couch; the next she was on him, her arms around his neck and her eyes a glassy veil.

He was taken off guard but he did not move or push her away. The knight laid flat on the floor, straddled by his lady love.

A sharp tinge he felt when her oddly sharp canine grazed the supple and sensitive flesh on his neck. Licking, testing, before her fangs dug in, drawing out fresh blood. Her tongue lapped at the blood hungrily, savoring the red juice like finest nectar.

Along with the pain rose a dim pleasure.

“Thank you for the meal”, she said, her thumb wiping off what little blood that smeared her lips. When she was about to let go off her lover, a strong arm suddenly grabbed her shoulder, pulling her back down. Lips crashed in a hurried kiss and she felt his tongue invading the hot cavern that was her mouth, lavishing the inside of her cheeks.

It was nowhere near the gentle treatment she often received; it was harsh and rough and very damn sure to make her taste the pain.

She was supposed to resent it for she was always pampered with his tender love; yet she found herself yielded as her body leaned into his dominant embrace.

Never did she imagine that her bloodthirst could bring out the hidden beast within her gentle, courteous knight.

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