She appeared in front of his door clad in full-body black leather suit. A black helmet held in her hand, Medusa flashed him a coy smile while riding on a black Kawasaki.

“Wanna join me for a ride ?”

Diarmuid stood at the doorstep, astounded by the wonder that was her body. The suit molded her frame, allowing him a visible view of her sharply sculpted curves.

Medusa held out an extra black helmet, which he did not hesitate to take. The couple exchanged a soft peck on the lips before Diarmuid settled on the engine in a swift movement. His arms quickly enveloped her slender waist as his front body pressed close to her back.

“Still not let me ride you ?” His light breath flirted with a few loose strands of hair at her nape.

“Rider-class Servants easily surpass other classes in terms of riding.” She replies confidently before.. stepping hard on the accelerator. The engine responded with a loud roar and plunged forward at full throttle, causing him to almost squeeze her frame in surprise.

Medusa let out a soft chuckle and the sound she made was immediately carried off by the wind. It was never boring to catch her lover off guard, having him held onto her like he was at this moment.

Never would she know that her lover always played along to her little trick so that he could have an excuse to give her lovely back a tight hug and feel its luscious curves.

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