Medusa fingered the silk blindfold in her hand and smiled darkly at her lover, whose hands were cuffed to the best post.

“That, too ?”

“That, too.” Replied the violet-headed Servant as she climbed on the bed in a cat-like manner and settled on his left side.

They had had a small bet and the winner could choose whatever kink they would like in their next ride.

Diarmuid had been so naïve to accept a bet which Medusa had had a much higher chance to win. As a result, he was now lying on the bed, his hands tied and the mighty knight was very much at the rider’s mercy.

His gaze followed the movement of her hands as Medusa laid the blindfold on the mattress; the scarlet piece of silk contrasted with the whiteness of the sheet. With her hands free, she began to undo the clasp of her black laced bra with a painfully low speed.

He silently gulped at the sight of her lovely full breasts arrogantly exposed. The glistening skin was a delicious treat to his eyes. If only his hands were free.

Her carefully manicured fingers slowly ran up his abdomen to his chest and stopped at his quick-beating heart.

“Like what you see ?” She asked while her palm pressed on his chest, feeling the nub of flesh slightly hardened.

“Let’s begin, shall we ?”

The blindfold was brought to his eyes and darkness soon sealed off his vision.

His hands tied, his eyes sealed, the proud and mighty knight was reduced to a pitiful servant who unconditionally, wholeheartedly submitted himself to his beautiful mistress’s judgment.

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