There is a little girl who often comes to their bookstore. Sometimes, she comes to buy a few comic books; sometimes, she reads the comic books right at the cashier desk and comes home with her hands bare. Many times, she comes only to have a fun chat with a certain handsome storekeeper.

Diarmuid is always gentle to her. He allows her to stand at his desk and read as she pleases.  Not once does the former Irish hero show the slightest sign of annoyance at the little girl who wants to read more than she can afford to buy. He has a soft spot for little girls, Medusa knows; especially this lively one who so much resembles his own daughter of the old days. She can spot the sparkle in his eyes everytime the girl shows up at their store.

The girl is quite a chatty one who likes to share with her new ‘friend’ almost every details of her life. She talks about her school, about the cartoon she has just watched, about her little brother that always plays tricks on her. He listens with patience and gentle smile, like any loving fathers would to their daughters. Their conversations direct to her, sometimes. Medusa doesn’t mean to overhear; it’s just that her hearing is too keen.

“She seems to be very fond of you. Say, does your charm have the same effect on little girls as on big girls ?”. Once she asks, half joking.

“ The premise is that women fall in love with me when they look at my face. I don’t think that rule applies to little girls who are too young to get the concept of ‘love’.” He replies, alert.

“Easy. I’m not jealous with little girls.” She laughs. “But she does like you. That much I can tell.”

“She once asked me to marry her when she’s big enough.”

“And your reply ?”

“I told her that I’ve already belonged to the big sis over there.”

Her cheeks sports a light pink upon hearing his words.

“And her reaction ?”

“She was a tad disappointed but she regained her cheerfulness quickly. She asked if I had a brother.”

“You don’t have any brothers.”

“That’s right. She then said she would wait for me and big sis’ son.”

She isn’t sure whether to laugh or to blush.

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