It was fate that brought them to this war.

It was an unexpected twist that they, two supposed enemies, fell prey to love’s hand.

Buried feelings awaken to the beckon of Lust. As two bodies became one in the oldest ritual of humanity, they found in each other their missing half.

It was fate’s final trick that they were the last two combatants in this Battle Royale. One’s victory would the other’s doom.

For him, the knight whose honor was placed far above his being, victory was the last fulfillment of the oath he owned to his lord. For her, the ancient monstrous creature who had been given a second chance of life, victory was her only means to redeem her debt to her summoner.

There was no hesitation in the motions of their weapons. Mercy would only ruin their pride, the knight and the rider betted everything they had on this final battle.

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