Fairy tale-Hero-Monster

Once upon a time, there was a hero of great valor. His face, many would admire while his skills, many would envy. He was still very young and already a legend amongst his folks.

Once he heard about a cruel monster which could turn men into stone with only a mere gaze. Determined to slay the monster, the young hero began his adventure; behind him the wild cheers and prayers of his folks.

He imagined the monster to be hideous, a goddamed creature so ugly that its appearance alone was able to petrify men. Never had he thought he would encounter a beauty so fine it could sweep a man’ s heart with ease.

The hero never returned to his good folks who had wished him courage and victory. It seemed to them that their hero had vanished into the deep dark woods together with the monster, along with its trail of blasphemy.

From then on, no men had to fear Medusa’s wrath when setting his feet into the woods.

However, as no wise folks was certain of the young hero’s fate, the fairy tale was left unfinished.

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