The Gorgons were famous for their deadly, soul-tearing glares. Of all the three sisters, Medusa’s glares were believed to be the most sinister ones. Not only did her glares terrify humans, they also turned humans into stone. Because Medusa was such a dangerous creature, it was never wise to mess with her. Or her lover.

For a woman who was shamelessly flirting with Diarmuid for some days, that common knowledge was rather…uncommon. She had come to the bookstore a few days ago, obviously not to find a book but to make a pass at a certain handsome shopkeeper who was trying his best to show the minimum interest in her. At first, Medusa endured her coming on to her lover, thinking she was yet another smitten female to fall for her lover’s charm and she would soon get over it when constantly facing his indifference. Much to her annoyance, this woman was far more persistent than she had imagined. Though, she could not gain any further reactions from him other than a business smile, she did show any signs of giving up either. All the time she spent at the shop, she deliberately ignored the existence of another shopkeeper who was apparently far from pleased with her presence.

With her fury well hidden behind an icy façade, Medusa advanced the woman. A cold smile and a deadly glare Medusa gave her while claiming her “ownership” on the man by taking his hand in hers. Though Medusa did not take off her glasses and she harbored no intentions to turn her rival into stone, just her glare alone was enough to freeze the blood flowing in the woman’s veins. Stunned, the woman stammered a few unintelligible words and hurried out of the shop.

“Saved you once.”

Medusa smiled sweetly at her lover, whose cheeks she gave a light peck on before returning to her work.

Diarmuid’s sight lingered at her back as he touched the spot where her lips had brushed. Not only was she an ancient Greek monster, she was also a green-eyed monster. Nevertheless, that monster was the object of his affection.

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