A Cat of Different Coat

Margaery Lannister

Sometimes Tyrion doubted that the three of them had been born to the same mother and father.

It was often said every Lannister was born with a certain degree of arrogance and Lord Tywin was by far the most arrogant Lannister alive. This particular trait was inheritably strongest in Cersei Lannister, firstborn of Lord Tywin and Lady Joanna. With the gold of Casterly Rock for her hair and jade for her eyes, Cersei had her mother’s look, only even more ravishing. In her Lord Tywin saw his deceased wife, Lady Joanna, one of the few who earned his smiles and love. Because she was the first beautiful and whole gift Lady Joana gave him, Cersei remained his favorite out of the three. But for her womanhood, she would have been the heir of Casterly Rock, of all the wealth and power her father had traded with blood and battles. That was where her bitter grudge took root. Born the only male, it was only Tyrion’s birthright to inherit Casterly Rock. It would not be changed, no matter how their lord father begrudged him about it. All dwarfs were bastards in their father’s eyes, Tyrion knew it painfully. His seed giving birth to such a twisted, grotesque thing, such was a grievous shame for a father as proud as Lord Tywin. Cersei even had it worse with him. She loathed him to the core, that was plain to see. She loathed him because he was a grotesque, a stain on their family name. She loathed him because people would look at her and say she was sister to an imp. She loathed him because it was him, not her, who would be their lord father’s heir. She loathed him because he was a little filthy thief who had robbed Casterly Rock from her. And if it was not Casterly Rock she lusted after, what would it be ? But for Lady Joanna’s intervention and Lord Tywin’s forbiddance, she would have tried to kill him many a time and succeeded. Tyrion’s safety was not Lord Tywin’s top priority; however, he would not tolerate a kinslayer in his house.

Unlike Cersei, their youngest sibling Margaery was sweet to him even as a toddler. Since their gentle lady mother had died giving birth to Margaery, the little girl unintentionally earned their lady sister’s hatred and their lord father’s indifference. Lord Tywin Lannister had been expecting a son to inherit his legacy, a son that would give him a cause to set his twisted first aside. Margaery’s birth came with Lady Joanna’s death and the end of Lord Tywin’s hope. For that part Tyrion supposed he had to be grateful to their little sister. As for Cersei, she hated their young sister as much as she did Tyrion, probably even more. Tyrion might steal Casterly Rock from her but he also gave her pleasure in jeering his hideous form. Margaery was different. Margaery was not a freak. Margaery would grow up to be very beautiful. Margaery would be the ultimate rival to Cersei.

Before long, it had felt on Tyrion, an eight-year-old dwarf, to protect their baby sister from Cersei.

Margaery was one of the few who would look at Tyrion with an honest gleam in her eyes. The younger siblings of Lannister were always close. The Imp found out with delight that his little sister shared much of his wits. They were also terribly alike in their political ambition. However, while Tyrion had only his wits and his fragile claim of Casterly Rock to compete, Margaery had finer weapons. She had her intelligence , that for sure. She had her youth and her ravishing beauty, which Cersei envied. She had her soft, sing-song tone that was always pleasant to the ear. She had her feminine charms which, as far as Tyrion considered, made her a better and more threatening player than Cersei ever was.

“You know, sweet brother” Margaery said, kissing his cheek as the two of them were looking up at Cersei on her seat by the king’s side. “One day I will replace Cersei’s position as queen. I will not be just a queen, I will be the queen that holds all Seven Kingdoms under my reign. By then, I would like you to be my Hand.”

“Without a doubt, sweet sister. Without a doubt.”

Margaery was sweet as Jonquil in the songs but deep down, she was a lioness to the core. Tyrion realized he was glad to be on her side rather than the opposite.

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