Trinity Blood Quotes

  • Abel Nightroad-Crusnik 02

“If possible, I didn’t want to show you this form of mine.”

“Have you ever thought about this before ? Humans eat chickens and cows. Your kind drink the blood of these humans. So then, the truth is that something living on the blood of your kind exists.”

“I am a ‘Crusnik’. A vampire that feeds on the blood of vampires.”

“I’ll stand by your side. I’m sorry that’s all I can say right now.”-To Esther

“You only have one arm left. Do you want to lose it as well ?”-To Gyula

“I cannot not protect mankind. That’s why I’m here to help you.”-To young Caterina

“Monster…is it ?” Musing

“If that’s possible, I don’t want to use that kind of power.”-To Esther

“There’s just one thing you must believe in. I want to be your friend.”-To Esther

“No change…Past or present…I am still a monster.”

“I feel pity for you, who cannot find rest even after death. But I won’t go easy on you.”-To Auto Jaggers

“Damn it. There’s no way I could kill you,right ?”-To Tres

“I cannot forget. Even if everyone in this world forgives me…even if everyone in this world reaches out to me, I cannot forgive myself.”-To Seth

  • Tres Iqus/HC-IIIX- Gunslinger


“Damage report, Father Nightroad ?”-To Abel

“ ‘Traitor’ ? Negative. I don’t recall ever being your ally. ”-To Radcon

“ ‘Aren’t human’ ? Affirmative. I am not a man. I am a machine.”-To Radcon

“Negative. I’m a machine. I feel no pain.”-To Caterina

“I was born as a machine. I have always lived as a machine. It is not possible for me to live as a human. I hope you will treat me as you would treat a machine.”-To Caterina

“You dare say this data is garbage ? This is unforgivable.” –To Duo

“I have experienced five years of combat. There is no way you could possibly win against me.”-To Duo

“Five years. 45952 hours.I will not forget a single second of time that I spent with her. The time I spent as her possession.” Musing

“That promise…also, my reason for existence…I will not allowed it to be insulted.” Musing

“Negative. I am a machine. I am the Duchess of Milan’s gun.”-To Duo

“I’m not human but a machine. Pride and honor have nothing to do with me.”-To Ion and Petros

  • Caterina Sforza-Cardinal/Duchess of Milan


“Would you like to die here ? Or will you return with me and live as a human ?”-To Tres

“As you wish, I will treat you as if you were a machine. From now on, you belong to me.” –To Tres

“Every drop of life-sustaining fluid under this skin…every memory file you have in your information center…All of them…All of your being belongs to me. Therefore, without my permission, you will not allow yourself to be destroyed.”-To Tres

  • Gyula Kadar-Marquis of Hungary


“You were led here by a loved one, and betrayed, and the Rome that you have worshipped for your entire life, will fall tonight. Is your existence meaningless ? Have your tears run dry ? What’s left of you is so pitiful that it’s beautiful.”- To Esther

“Revenge. That’s the only reason I am doing all of this. All of it is for my wife.”-To Abel

“For a man who had mourned his wife for some ten years and finally took his revenge, would there be anything left that he wants ?”-To Abel

“I’m sorry that I took away you loved one.”-To Esther

  • Dietrich von Lohengrin-Marionetten Spieler (Puppet Master)

“That I like you…isn’t a lie.”-To Esther

“You’re just like him. An enemy of the world.”-To Abel

“A god of destruction. In the past, you’ve done many things that even we consider horrible. But it’s ok, I don’t blame you. What I don’t understand is why you would use that power to help humans.”-To Abel

“You’re so cowardly…yet so gentle at the same time.”-To Radu

“I won’t let you go, Radu Barvon. Your pain won’t end with your death.”-To Radu

  • Esther Blanchett


“Hey, didn’t I say it ? We’re the same, you and I.”-To Gyula

“What kind of person is he ? It’s as if his features were sculpted… This beautiful person…” Musing on Hugue

“Think about the feelings of those who are being protected and yet kept in the dark at the same time.”-To Abel

“Didn’t I tell you already ? I am not afraid of you.”-To Abel

  • Radu Barvon-Baron of Luxor/Flammenschwert (Flame Sword)


“Just trust me, tovarish.”-To Ion

“Only in dreams…that I can look straight into your eyes.”-Musing on Ion

“It isn’t unusual for the devil to disguise himself as a harbinger of light.”-Musing on Dietrich

“I don’t how it is here, but in my empire, the one who wins is the one left standing at the end.”-To Petros

  • Ion Fortuna- Earl of Memphis


“Such cunning eyes. Even though his man is merely a Terran…” Musing on Hugue

“Don’t make an opponent out of a man who doesn’t wield a sword.”-To Hugue

“You’re finally back, my tovarish.”-To Radu

“Radu…he had always been my best friend. No, he still is my friend. Since he is, I cannot allow him to continue making such mistakes.”-To Petros

“Just like you, I have people whom I want to protect.”-To Petros and Tres

“Even if the world becomes your enemy, I’ll still stay by your side.”-To Radu

“Why didn’t you kill me yourself ? It’s because you can’t bear to kill your friend, isn’t it, Radu ?”-To Radu

“Look ! Your hair under the sun ! It’s so bright !”-To Radu

“I’m completely forgotten. I’m a Methuselah… and she’s a Terran. Time passes at different speeds for us. Perhaps…we won’t ever meet again. It’s best to just not say anything at all.”-Musing on Esther

  • Hugue de Watteau-Sword Dancer


“The hand that was here before…was taken by a vampire.”-To Ion

“Live by the sword. Die by the sword. Amen” –To the vampires he slashed

  • Seth Nightlord-Empress Augusta Vradica


“I’m just a pretty girl who happens to pass by.”

“I had the highest hope for you, you, out of all my devoted children.”-To Suleyman

“You there, kid from the Rosenkreuz. I’m already pretty angry at you people for doing whatever you want in my territory.”-To Dietrich

“Playtime is over. It’s about time you run back to him with your tail tucked between your legs, isn’t it ? That, or you can stay here and have me clean up your remains. I’ll let you choose.”-To Dietrich

“I will let you off with a warning today, but the next time I meet you, I won’t show any mercy. So start running for your life. Run to the corners of the Earth. Next time, no matter where you’ve escaped to, I will force you into extinction. I will catch you, and punish you. Ion, Suleyman, even Radu, you people have done unforgivable things to these children. I will have my revenge.”-To Dietrich

“You’re still the same. Still choosing a difficult life for yourself.”-To Abel

“Abel, want to stay here ? Just like before, we’ll live together as siblings.”-To Abel

“Do you even know how many years have passed since then ? 900 years. 900 years…is it still not long enough ? Surely you’ve redeemed yourself by now. She’ll forgive you. No one will blame you.”-To Abel

“Hey nii-san, us Crusniks…where do we come from ? And… where are we headed ?”-Musing on Abel

  • Suleyman-Duke of Tigris


“You’re sad ? Such blatant lie ! Great mother of all Methuselah, you…you’ve never had any hopes for us. There is not even one of us nobles who has earned your total trust.”-To Seth

“Is there a child…who doesn’t love his mother ?”-To Seth

“Your Majesty, I hated you…I served you for 300 years… In the end, you’ve become an existence I cannot understand. Where do you come from… and where are you going…where are you leading us ? You have never told us any of these things.”-To Seth

“Even if I tell you, you won’t under stand. You’re too young.”-To Astharothe

“Since I came into adulthood 300 years ago, no, even before that, there’s been a constant, never-changing existence in the empire. And at dawn it disappeared so suddenly.”-To Dietrich/Radu

“This is the final farewell, Your Highness. You are the one I hate most,yet, you are the woman I love.”-Musing on Seth

  • Mirka Fortuna-Duchess of Moldova


“You know, Suleyman, no matter how many centuries you live through, men will always be the children of their mothers.”-Musing on Suleyman

  • Isaak Fernand von Kämpfer-Panzer Magier

“I am a servant who has sworn loyalty to my master. Compared to him, I am as insignificant as an ant. And you…you are merely a child who was picked up by that ant.”- To Dietrich

“It is unfortunate, but I am unskillful when it comes to entertaining a woman.”-To Monica

“In the end, you’re exactly the same as Flammenschwert, a mere toy for our Lord. A puppet with beautiful eyes the color of tea.”-To Dietrich

  • Cain Knightlord-Mein Herr Contra Mundi-Crusnik 01


“You can never protect those who are important to you. That’s why you have become an enemy of the world, Abel.”-To Abel

“What kind of future do you desire ?”-To Abel

“Really ? You worry too much, Isaak. If you keep that up then you’ll be bald in no time !”-To Isaak

  • Lilith Sahl-Crusnik 04


“448 hours. Isn’t that a little early for a sleepyhead like you ?”-To Abel

“Only a survivor, the ones that you hate, can save you now.”-To Abel

“I know that you still love this world. Although you have become an enemy of the world, that’s just a reverse of love. It’s simply because you loved, you trusted that you couldn’t bear it when you are betrayed. That’s why you have become Contra Mundi.”-To Abel

“It’s never too late to turn back. Please remember this.”-To Abel

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