Q & A Pt.1

Q : Let’s begin with a regular question. Who is this boy ?

A : His name’s Sin. Firstborn son of Ky Kiske and Dizzy 😀 ( don’t know if there’s gonna be second-born or not 😀 )

Q : Why’s he’s named ‘Sin’ ?

A : Because his father, a faithful Christian, considered marrying his mother, who’s exactly NOT human, a sin against God. Beside, his mother was about 4-5 years old when giving birth to Sin. That made his father a *cough* pedophile *cough*. Another counted ‘sin’.

Q : *sweat drops* How old is he ?

A : That’s an interesting question. If I give a direct answer now, it’ll spoil the whole thing *grin*.

Q : O…K ! More details about this boy, please ! He seems pretty cool.

A : Technically, he’s a prince since his father’s a king. However, he travels around the country with his ‘old man’ instead of living in the palace.

Q : Wait, which ‘old man’ ?

A : One of the protagonists of the series, who looks a lot younger than his real age. He takes care of Sin and teaches Sin a bunch of things ( by constantly yelling and beating Sin LOL ). He’s the one Sin acknowledges as his ‘father’ rather than his real one :D.

Q : And why is that ?

A : Sin blamed his father for being too busy to take care of the country and neglecting his own family. Ky, like in other parts of this series, is always a loyal servant of public >”<.

Q : Is it just me who thinks Sin dresses like a *cough* male stripper *cough* ?

A : Blame it on Daisuke’s weird sense of fashion, the creator of this series. If you consider Sin’s outfit a male stripper’s, you must see Testament LOL. Weirdness is a permanent element of Guilty Gear series LOL. You see, Sin’s entire family isn’t any better in choosing their clothes.

Speechless… @___@

Q : *sweat drops* I…see. Just how many members are there in Sin’s family ?

A : That’s rather complicated. Ky and Dizzy are Sin’s official parents. Therefore, Justice, as Dizzy’s mother,is Sin’s grandma. If the rumors about Sol being Dizzy’s father are true, then Sin’s ‘old man’ turns out to be his grandpa LOL. And Testament, in one way or another, is Sin’s uncle :D. Poor Ky’s the only human in this all-Gear family and the only one remains true to his age LOL. Sin’s ‘to-be’ grandpa Sol is > 150 years old @_@. Sin’s grandma Justice is probably the same. Sin’s uncle, Testament is roughly 50-60 years old. Sin’s mother Dizzy, might not have reached adolescence when she gave birth to Sin #_#.

Sin’s grandma LOL

In case you didn’t notice, Sin’s mother has wings and tail LOL. And she’s only 3 years old LOL

Sin’s father ^^

Sin’s parents in their early days LOL

Q : Strange family ^^”. And Sin ?

A : The biggest joke of the day : Sin’s only… 5 years old LOL. Like mother, like son :D. Generally, Sin’s the combination of the series’ main characters : He inherits his look from Ky, his power and super growing ability from Dizzy, fighting skill and badmouthed personality ( he even says “save your ass” when talking to his father !_! ) from “grandpa” Sol and horrible ( but nose bleeding to most fan girls LoL ) fashion sense from Testament. Sin’s another example of Daisuke’s “know-no-bound” craziness 😀

Sin and his ‘happy’ family 😀

This girl is a clone of his grandma Justice LOL

Black Sin ?

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