My Friends

(Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham-Carter)

These are my friends, see how they glisten?
See this one shine, how he smiles in the light,
My friends, my faithful friends…

Speak to me, friend; whisper, I’ll listen.
I know, I know, you’ve been locked out of sight
All these years! Like me, my friend!
Well, I’ve come home — to find you waiting!
Home, and we’re together…
And we’ll do wonders…
Won’t we…?

(Mrs. Lovett)

You there, my friend,
(I’m your friend too, Mr. Todd.)
Come, let me hold you.
(If you only knew, Mr. Todd.)
Now, with a sigh,
(Ooh, Mr. Todd,)
You grow warm in my hand…
(You’re warm in my hand…)
My friend,
(You’ve come home)
My clever friend…
(Always had a fondness for you, I did…)

Rest now, my friends.
(Never you fear, Mr. Todd.)
Soon I’ll unfold you.
(You can move in here, Mr. Todd.)
Soon you’ll know
-Splendors you never have dreamed all your days… (Splendors you never have dreamed all your days-)
(Will be yours!)
My lucky friends!
(I’m your friend-)
Till now your shine
(Now you’re mine!)
(Don’t they shine beautiful?)
Was merely silver.
(Silver’s good enough for me,)

(Mr. T…)
You shall drip rubies,
You’ll soon drip precious…

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