I’m thinking of a death !

That should be a fresh,clean death .

I’m thinking of a drowning ! But,you see, a drowning corpse looks so disgusting ! And I’m pretty sure that no one wants to end up looking like Sadako. However, it’s hard to find fresh-clean water now.

I’m thinking of a burning ! That idea’s slipped my mind, but, no way in hell !! The flame doesn’t just destroy but many things else might get involved. In addition, a burning corpse makes me think of barbecue !

I’m thinking of a death full of roses ! Girls love roses but not me ! Too romantic means too frantic. And it takes long long time till you can finally join the underworld. Who would be patient enough to take a death like that ? It usually takes more than a week !

I’m thinking of a hanging ! Clean, fast and simple. All you have to do is to put the rope around your neck and kick the chair. Just one or two minutes and then, you’re all free . Perfect choice for some one who gets too tired of this world. Still, there’s one problem in finding some place to hang your rope. And hope your rope strong enough to handle your weight !

I’m thinking of an accident ! No one would realize that you want to end your life when you run across the street to get hit by a car or a truck. Things like that happen everyday. But make sure you get hit at the right place. Your head, may be, if you feel OK with your body full of blood and tofu. No kidding right ?

I’m thinking of jumping out the building ! A quick death ! Quicker than you can realize that you’ve already jumped . Everyone wants to be famous. May be, the next day, you’ll be on the first page. You aren’t afraid of blood,are you ? Then, give a try. You’ll catch everyone’s attention !

Too bad,huh ? That’s just thinking. It needs time to choose how to end your boring life. I’ts hard enough to live but who knows death can be this difficult !

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